20-In-1: GoVibe Multi-Amp


Ten amps packed into one gigantic amp that measures 98.5cm X 13cm x 5cm! Govibe has really done it this time with the Govibe Multi-Amp, designed solely for headphone comparisons, as up to 20 headphones can be plugged in and running simultaneously from one source. Each of the ten amps come with their own on/off switch and a volume control, so you can use an SPL meter to fine tune each headphones’ loudness level to identical levels.

The Multi-amp runs on a 24V PSU. While I won’t be using the amp to drive a Hifiman HE-6, it drove anything from a Hifiman HE-400, a Beyerdynamic T1, and a Sennheiser HD800 just fine. Too bad that the PSU I have for it is only rated at 0.8 Amperes, so I’m not going to attempt some crazy all 10 channels firing simultaneously.

Fancy one? Too bad the Multi-amp is not for sale. I’m not sure how many of these Multi-Amps Jaben has, but from what I’ve heard only Jaben Indonesia has it. We just happen to be lucky enough to have this amp available for us to borrow. It would make for an awesome amp to carry into headphone meets.


govibe_multi_amp_06 govibe_multi_amp_05 govibe_multi_amp_04 govibe_multi_amp_03 govibe_multi_amp_02 govibe_multi_amp_01

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  • too bad you didn’t crack it open mike,really curious how’s the look inside it

    • Well it’s probably a simple headphone amp section repeated 10 times. 😉

    • Well it’s probably a simple headphone amp section repeated 10 times. 😉

  • 2xdaaim pp

    I actually auditioned different sony xba, and a few other headphones using this amp at jaben hongkong last week

    • Alright, thanks!

    • Alright, thanks!

  • Yi Wen

    I used this a few month back at local Jaben, trying out several headphones. I think it’s good. It drives HD600 and DT880 very well.

    • Yes it’s quite good, isn’t it.

  • John123John

    Lol this is just too funny.  This would be pretty awesome for meet though, depending on its performance. Curious, what are those little devices in picture 2? looks like some headroom amp or something?

    anyways, follow up review? lol
    thanks for the laugh mike 🙂

    • Yi Wen

       Looks like headroom amps.

      • Yes it’s a Headroom amp. Just include it there for a size comparison.

  • Hell I just want one so I can keep my cans plugged in and don’t have to play switch operator when my mood requires switching cans.

  • TheMiddleSky

    Honestly, the second photo really making me laugh so hard 😀

  • Anthony Tumiwa

    hi Mike, i think u must have this product, this product is very suitable for comparison review of many headphones

  • This deserved April rather than March. D:

  • I see this in most head-fi retailers now for auditioning cans… looks like it’s all over the place xP

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