Adidas Originals HD25-1


The styling may not be to everyone’s taste, but the simple blue color additions to the HD25-1 does earn serious cool points to my eyes. And for most of us, good styling does contributes to a headphone’s desirability.

Adidas originals is a branch of Adidas that creates designer styled goods, and though the styling may not be to everybody’s taste, it certainly is uniquely Adidas. The Adidas Originals HD25-1 sells for $50 more than the regular version. Whether the extra $50 is worth the value is debatable, but the cool look is definitely is not. Having the legendary HD25-1 driver behind those logos also earns you serious bragging rights, perhaps way more than the celebrity-endorsed stuff Monster has been producing.

If I were in the market for a brand new HD25-1, I would definitely pay the $50 for the smurf treatment. I know everyone’s not going to agree with me on this one, but I’d love to hear your thoughts on the comments section.

Thanks to Astrindo for the HD25-1 Originals loaner.

Adidas Originals HD25-1
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  • Nice mini review! I didn’t know Adidas added any headphones to their Originals line. Were the HD25-1’s always produced in Ireland or is that special to the Adidas release?

    • Anonymous

      Hi Jason,
      As far as I know, the HD25-1 has always been made in Ireland.

  • Smithy.

    Yuck, ghastly re-branding! The understated black originals are perfect, why spoil them with garish blue and charge a $50 premium to look like a wannabe gangster rapper? Far too bling!

  • Why walk around with the Adidas brand on your head when you can just easily customize them yourself? This seller has custom ear pads in all colours:

    • Anonymous

      Lol! Nice link!

  • Sweet review, Mike, and thanks for the suggestions on the IEMs. Definitely will look into them. Also, does the HD25-1 differ in any way from the HD25-1 II?

    • Anonymous

      The two are the same. I have no idea why Sennheiser added the mark II.

  • Lionel

    Just wanted to mention that when I got mine, the addidas webstore for 250$ free shipping, it was less expensive than amazon at the time.
    I confirm that the phone is actually very nice (looking as well as sounding). Nice and fun, a bit agressive at the beginning (reducing ater burn in (headphone and my ears 🙂 ).
    When I listen with glasses, I need to lift the branches from my ears a bit (that would be valid for all the HD25).

  • i think this is a very nice headphone for someone who’d like to be more expressive when listening to music.

    If only they price it more reasonably…

  • J. McP

    well, the adidas version sure look nicer, but not sure if i would pick it over the other, even at the same price.
    something about the adidas logo that screams “corporate sellout!!” but thats me, not into big companies of any kind, at least not to brag their names on me’
    i own two of the HD25.II and what i plan to do is to get some red color velour pads, which are available in a craploa of colors and custom the cable, maybe red. so i can have one serious and one clowny.

    what an awesome headphone!. i was lucky to find my second one for … TADAAAA 50$ like new, not even a single scratch. best buy clearance sells rules!

    thanks for the photos Mike!

    • Anonymous

      Clearance sales are the best, and you are so lucky to find an HD25-1 in a clearance sale.

      I think you should get the lime green treatment instead of red. Looks better. 🙂

      • J. McP

        Id be more tempted with the dark forest green, but that only after the yellow, something in it reminds me of the senn HD414
        ( btw a review of the old hd414 would be much appreciated!. first you gotta find an owner willing to loan it tho, used ones in ebay goes for 120$… and more)

        • Anonymous

          I actually did a review on the Hd414, hd410 and hd424. Can you try looking under headphones?

          • J. McP

            Have I ever told you how awesome this site is and how much I envy your job? 😀


            • Anonymous

              Lol, anytime J.

  • Anonymous

    Here is a really cool Adidas ad on Youtube:

    In the beginning you can catch a glimpse of the Adidas Originals HD220.

  • kimikuma

    why add 3 stripes for 50 bucks if you could customize the whole cans?
    check it out :

    • Anonymous

      Nice link!

      The HD25-1 really has a strong following, and it’s nice to see all those creativity being done.

  • Hi Mike, I have decided to buy Sennheiser HD 238i open-aire headphone for my iPod. Will open type headphones leak sound even if I keep the volume low? In my iPod ear phone, I usually keep the volume low that others cant hear. I listen to musics and audio books while traveling in the public transports and during shopping. I was about to order this headphone online, but I thought it is better to clarify my doubt with you.

    Do you have any suggestions about any other iPod headphones?

    Thanks in advance!

    • Anonymous

      They will leak sound a bit, but it shouldn’t be too bad. Especially if
      you are doing low level listening, then you probably shouldn’t worry
      about it. If you’re on a public transport, then you may have to turn up
      the volume higher than you have to, and more sound will leak out.

      If you need something more silent, then you can either get something
      like the PX200-II, or uprade to a full closed back headphone like the
      ATH M-50, or the Sennheiser HD25-1. They cost quite a bit more than the
      HD238 though.

      Here is the comparison of the ultra portables:

      Here is a comparison of the closed back headphones:

      • Hi Mike, Thank you so much for your quick reply. I read those comparison of the ultra portables and closed back headphones. Since I am planning to buy Sennheiser HD 598 for my macbook later, I am thinking to stick with HD 238i for my iPod. As you have mentioned in the comparison, PX200 II is stylish and has good built quality.

        I like your website very much. It would be interesting and helpful for many if you start youtube channel for headphones.

        Thanks again,

        • Anonymous

          Awesome, Jay.

          Thanks for the compliments. Hope you enjoy the HD238. I am actually planning to do a Sennheiser full HD2x8 series review in the near future.

          • Did this ever happen? Id like a review of the HD4X9’s too. I’m looking for cheaper options to recommend to people when they ask me.

            • Have yet to happen, Eric. Sorry work and stuff taking too much of my time.

  • red_joe do the hd25-1 ii compare with grado or alessandros for rock?? i listen to modern rock like muse, linkin park, my chemical romance, etc.. are the grados significantly better??

    • Anonymous

      The HD25-1 will trump the Grado at those music. No kidding. The bass punch is the biggest change here. Super punchy, super tight bass just ROCKS with Muse and Linkin Park.

      Grado will be better for the slower Rock stuff, the acoustic stuff, and perhaps classic Rock too.

      • red_joe

        thanks mike..that’s very good to hear.. how about the ultrasones?? the hfi-580 or hfi-780 seems like also solid options, especially for the lower price.. how would you compare against them??

        • Anonymous

          Hi Joe, I think the main issue with the HFIs is that most people find the HFI’s mids to be recessed and the S-Logic presentation to be unnatural.

          The HD25-1 is far more popular, at least among the people in my local forum.

          • red_joe

            yes..i also hear the same thing..ok, so i think the senns are my best options then.. btw, i am quite confused by these headphones.. you said (and others) that hd25 is more on the neutral side with excellent detail and strong punchy but tight bass.. doesn’t that mean that it is dark/warm?? (because they has linear mids and treble but strong bass??) please correct me if i’m wrong

            • Anonymous

              Nope.. Need to differentiate betwwn bass quantity/presence to bass punch. Some headphones have a lot of bass presence but not very punchy. The HD25-1 is neutral on bass quantity, but punches really hard.

              • red_joe

                mike..i just auditioned a pair of hd25 in a local store..while i really like the sound, i really can’t stand the clamping force.. it’s simply..ugh.. i can’t even wear them for more than 10minutes.. my ears were also hot because of the clamping force.. my question is, will they get better SIGNIFICANTLY over time? sorry to stress that, but i don’t think i can adapt to the clamping force, especially since i also use glasses

                • Anonymous

                  You know I never really tested if they get looser over time, but the HD25-1 that I have right now feels looser in comparison with most of the other headphones I have in my possession at the moment. So perhaps the band does get looser over time.

                  The HD25 is simply awesome, and a big crowd favorite. I think you should give it a try to own one. Try the usual headband loosening methods with books, etc.

                  • red_joe

                    hmm..could you give me several headphones examples that have more clamping force than your hd25 now?? i am also really interested in buying them, but i’m afraid that i would end up not enjoying the music with them

                    • Anonymous

                      Superlux HD662-668B-669-660, German Maestro GMP8.35, Audio Technica
                      AD1000&2000, Beyerdynamic T1, Audez’e LCD-2, Sennheiser HD580/600/650,
                      plenty I guess.

  • Do these need an amp straight from an ipod?

  • Globezero

    Hi Mike, Really like your reviews. I’m looking for a pair of on ear phones to supplement my IE8’s. I have tried ATH M50’s and find they are too big for my small head….. I listen to a wide variety of music from Female Vocal, Jazz, Electronic, Classical & Rock and would like something for all genres? Would the HD25-1 be a good choice or something open backed like a HD600 / 650? Suggestions greatly appreciated.

    • Anonymous

      If you think the M-50 are too big, then the HD600/650 would also be too

      The HD25-1 is a good one, but it’s a bit too forward and claustrophobic
      for classical. If you want to spend more money (~$500), the Sony Z1000
      ( is a very good
      all rounder, though not as good as the HD25-1 for Rock. If you want to
      look into cheaper options, the ATH SJ55
      has quite a wide genre bandwith as well, should be good for most of the
      music you listed, except perhaps Classical.

      Obviously the Sony at $500 will give the best level of refinement, but
      if talking about purely genre bandwith, I think the SJ55 is just as good.

      • Globezero

        Thanks. The two links take me to an Ultrasone PRO2900 review? Classical is my least favourite so I’m happy to compromise there. If I go for the HD25-1, would I need a portable amp for my iPod / iPad? The Sony’s look nice….. Maybe I need to look at the budget?

        • Anonymous

          Okay, links fixed.

          If you go with the HD25-1, no amp is needed. Nor do you need one for the Sony Z1000 or ATH SJ11/33/55.

  • buzz

     i’d never really like the hd 25 before, and i think they’re a little overprice.. but lately ive seen the adidas version at the local sennheiser store and after i try it for a while i end up buying them..  the blue lines, cable, and the blue pads just made them super cool,, they came with the cool boxes as well.. and  i think the looks affect the sound a little 😛

    Im SOLD.. now the hd25 adidas become my favourite headphone of the bunch.. 😀

  • Anonymous

    Do you think the hd25 headphones good for sport/dance/run?

  • Oliver

    Just got mine for 229 USD yay 🙂

    • Anonymous


      • Oliver

        Would you recommend upgrading the cable on these to an hd650 cable?

        • Anonymous

          I’ve tried upgrading to different cables, and while the sound is nice,
          at the end of the day I went back to the stock cable for practicality
          reasons (single sided cable is very practical for day to day use).

  • Leonard

    Hi Mike,

    Just wonder how much differences are the comparing with amp and without?

    Planning to grab the HD25-1 adidas version together with the PB2 but yet I just can’t decide.


    • Anonymous

      Hi Leonard,
      The difference can be big or small depending on where you’re coming from. I would just get the headphones first and add the amp later.

      • Leonard

        Thanks mike cool man!! Will try out first cheers

  • Got mine for $199 canadian dollars.

  • Ed

    Hey Mike,

    I bought my daughter the HD25-Sp a while back.  She loves them, but now they are cutting out from one side. Meaning, audio fluctuates in & out. They would back to normal when giggling the cable around, but now that doesn’t help anymore.  I have a store nearby that sells the cable and the drivers for it.  Before I plunge for any of those, have you heard of any issues like this one and do you know what solved it? I just don’t wanna buy the cables and then find out that it’s the driver where the issue lies.

    I appreciate your answer or anybody else here who would know.



    • Hi Ed,
      I really can’t say, but usually these drivers are pretty tough and if the issue is audio cutting in/out, usually the issue is in the cables, or just loose connection. If there are issues with the drivers what you gonna hear is distortion sound. Anyway a friend is lending me his HD25-SP I’ll let you know when I’ll get it later today what my impressions of it are.

      • Ed

        Thank you very much for the quick response Mike.  I will buy the replacement cables then.  If  I would’ve known back then the difference between all these HD-25 models, I would have gotten her the HD25-1 instead, but she likes the sound for her Rock music.  I also think the Prat was pretty good from the moment I tried them on.
        Looking forward to your impressions though.

        Thanks Mike,


        • Hey Ed, 
          You know what I’ve been listening to the HD25SPs, and I think they’re really good, though not HD25-1 good. They’re warmer than the HD25-1s though and seem to work better with recordings with hot treble. 

          On the cable, have you tried pulling the cable out and see if the contacts are dirty? Sometimes you can also try pushing the cables in deeper and that should fix any connection issues. If the headphone is relatively new, I doubt the cable is problematic. 

          • Ed

             Hi Mike,

            Your impressions are right on target.  Do you notice any big difference in Bass punch between the two?

            I will have to take a closer look at that cable. I pulled it out a couple of times before, but didn’t want to push it to hard, and make the issue even worse.  Thanks so much for your suggestions. I will try that out.

            • Ed,
              The bass is meatier on the 25SP but the HD25-1’s still a bit punchier and definitely tighter.
              No worries about pulling the cable in and out, I do that all the time with all my Senns and my HD25s.

          • Ed

            Thanks for the impressions Mike! I will most likely get her the HD25-1 later on.
            Thanks for the suggestion on the cables as well.

            I will be coming back for more of your exquisite reviews soon!



            • You’re welcome Ed!

              I don’t know I think it’s funny you mentioned the HD25-1 as now that I have both, I really don’t think the HD25-1 is not a whole lot better. Maybe just a little better, but it comes down to actually slightly different sound.

      • lou

        hi mike, does the 25sp still have a good prat?

        • Yes it’s still pretty good though a little softer than the HD25-1. But with some music the softer HD5SP is more pleasing. Overall it’s still a forward presentation though, nothing like the big laidback Senns.

          • lou

            nice! does the sp have a better prat and toe-tapping factor than hd660 or marshall major?

          • Maybe about the same as the Marshall. 

  • aldyco turang

    hi Mike,
    im sorry if my question may gone out of topic,
    but i want to ask if i want to get a speaker, how much is the estimated price to get a similar sound quality with hd25-1-ii??
    i love the sound of this headphone especially the bass but im getting tired by wearing a headphone for a long time and want to get a speaker instead 🙂

    thanx a lot 🙂

    • I really don’t know how to answer that one. First I have to find some speakers that have the HD25-1 sound, and I’ve yet to find anything like that. 

  • ivan ka

    Hi mike, i just got my hd25 adidas. I love the blur colours for this adidas version.
    My curent setup for portable is itouch 4th gen direct. . I have listened to arrow 4g, it is slim and portable, noticeable wider soundstage, and tight bass. Can you recommend me a slim portable amp, around 300$ to be compared to the arrow 4g?


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