Apek Peak & Volcano Preview


The package from Todd the Vinyl Junkie (TTVJ) has finally landed and in my opinion the Peak and Volcano combo clearly tops the list of the best sounding amps I’ve ever listened to. I very much prefer it over the Manley Stingray and the Zana Deux amp. This amp is definitely in my wishlist now and so if the finances are good I’m definitely getting one of these babies.

Stay in tune for a review of the Peak, but let the unboxing pictures do the talking for now.

Unboxing the outer carton box.

Pink foams. Yeah the amp is manly enough and pink is not going to change it a bit.

I’m just peeking through the plastic here. Taking my time.

The back panel.

Relay goodness on the input selector with LEDs to indicate active input. Very nice.

Fairly compact dimension. Foot print is roughly similar to the Burson HA-160 (non DAC version). The Peak amplifier is very light while the Volcano power supply is heavier. This thing is going to be much easier to transport during meets than the Zana.

The anodizing finish is silky smooth and among the best I’ve seen.

A close up at the vents. Again, notice how smooth the anodizing finish is.

Teaser shot.

The Shuguang tube treasure box. “50 Years Treasures HI-FI Electron Tube”.

Stock Tung-Sol 6SN7 GTB tube on the left, Shuguang CV181 tube on the right. The Shuguang is the more expensive tube option for the Peak.

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  • More!

    • Anonymous

      Coming soon 😉

  • You tease…

    • Anonymous

      And that’s intentional, Erik. 😉

  • Jacob Thorell

    The only thing I love more than your photography is your reviews. 😉

    • Anonymous

      Thanks, Jacob. 🙂

  • P. J.

    Build quality really looks amazing on this thing. Can’t wait to read and see more on this.
    There is a typo in the title though. 😀

  • Dhani Nugraha

    I woukd love to stop by and take a listen to it, Mike.

    • Anonymous

      Sure thing man. 🙂

  • Questa


    • Anonymous

      Sounds very good isn’t it. 🙂

  • cex

    scary… cant wait to hear the review mike

    • Anonymous

      I’m loving the amp.

      • cex

        just buy it then, replacing zana right? anyway how much is it?

        • Anonymous

          With the extra Shuguang tubes I think it’s $2230 + $200 shipping.

  • Gosh this looks good. Am I going to have to start saving now?

    • Anonymous

      A short review of the Peak: It’s phenomenal.

  • Shahrose

    Hi Mike. A good friend of mine and one who owns just about everything (literally) sold all his other amps for this great product. I’m not surprised at your impressions (which, as usual, were great). Keep reviewing the high-end home products!

    • Anonymous

      I know, the Peak is really amazing and I would do the same as he did, only I can’t do that since I have to keep reviewing gears of different price points. 🙂

  • I’ve always thought that the Peak is a balanced unit.

  • Tim

    Hi Mike. If possible, could you please compare the Peak head-to-head against the Zana Deux? Both are similarly priced if not mistaken. Thanks, look forward to the full review.

    • Anonymous

      Yes will definitely make references to the ZD.

  • Dookie182

    I hope the apex arete is the one that will also follow. I’ll really interested to hear how it compare to the burson HA-160

    • Anonymous

      I’ll take a note on that.

  • USAudio

    Please contrast the Peak and the Lyr as well if you have the time.
    Thanks Mike

    • Anonymous

      Definitely two different amps in different price points. The difference in sound quality is quite big between the Lyr and the Peak so a comparison would be pointless.

      • USAudio

        Wow, a blowout, eh?  That’s right, I remember now from your Schiit roundup you didn’t really care much for the Lyr.

        • Anonymous

          Not so much because of that.. but the two amps are really incomparable — the difference is just so big.

  • Dave

    Will you be comparing with the volcano and without?

    • Anonymous

      Yes, actually I’m waiting for Todd to send me the generic power supply that’s why I can’t finish the review just yet.

  • Hi Mike,
    Which DAC would you pair it with the Peak Volcano combo to make it a killer system?

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