Bass To The Power Of Two: Pro700 Mk2


I may have one of the oddest preference for headphones. Sennheiser HD800 and Stax Omega 2 on some days, and a bass monster Pro700 Mk2 on others. But seriously, I am having such a great time listening to the Pro700 Mk2 that it earns my strong recommendation mark if you happen to be into deep, hard-hitting bass. The reality is that different headphones are built for different types of music, and in this case the Pro700 Mk2 simply delivers when it comes to bass heavy electronic music (I know a lot of you are listening to these).

The bass on the Pro700 Mk2 will put most other basshead headphones to shame. The Beats, the Denons, or what ever other bass heavy headphone you can think of — I’ll gladly put the Pro700 Mk2 for a challenge. And despite the condescending tone audiophiles tend to have over basshead headphones, the recent success of the JH16Pro and the Audez’e LCD-2 tells me that we may love bass more than we’re willing to admit. Of course the Pro700 Mk2 is a $200 headphone and it would be silly to attempt to match it to the $1,000 orthodynamics or the 16 drivers custom in ears. But I am quite sure that the Pro700 Mk2 can have the bragging rights when it comes to the bass category under the $500 mark. My friend Sem who owns the Audio Technica ES-10 (that huge 58mm driver portable headphone) and the Denon 2000 (another supposedly basshead favorite) commented that the Pro700 Mk2 has even more bass than the two, and comparing the Pro700 Mk2 to my favorite HD25-1 and AIAIAI TMA-1 again proves that it would be silly to challenge the Pro700 Mk2’s bass supremacy.

53mm driver delivers seismic bass.


I didn’t know I was such a bass addict, but whenever I start to think about the Pro700’s bass, I just have this uncontrollable grin (and even small laughs) as the brain re-played the thumping beats on my head. With the right music, this headphone is seriously a lot of fun. In fact, I’ve been spending more time with the Pro700 Mk2 out of the Yulong than I do with the Exstata + Omega2 combo (there goes all my credibility). I don’t know, perhaps it’s not the Omega2’s fault, but rather the wishy-washy Bill Evans Jazz that I’ve been listening from the Omega2 that causes this behavior, because Prodigy and Interpol sounds really kickass with the Pro700 Mk2.

If you are used to the typical audiophile headphone’s tonal response, then nothing can prepare you for the the Pro700 Mk2. This headphone is so heavily bass colored that it will make the HD650 sound thin and bright (it really does that, actually). I also had to spend some time trying to readjust my ears, but after I did, then I really didn’t want to take them off.

The Pro700 Mk2 is also quite different than the HD25-1, which still had a typical audiophile headphone tonal balance with the addition of a tight and punchy bass. The HD25-1 is one of the few headphones that can please both the audiophile as well as the bass-seeking crowd, and in a way, it’s a very safe recommendation to make. But for the pure bass-seeking crowd, the Pro700 Mk2 offers the true SEISMIC bass that makes the HD25-1 sound weak in comparison. And while the Pro700 Mk2 is something that every basshead should apply for an audition, I would be more hesitant to recommend this headphone to the typical audiophile.

One of the issues with the so-called “heavy bass” headphones is that sometimes they only give you big quantity of bass reverbs without actually delivering the punch (or the kick, in the case of the Pro700 Mk2). The HD25-1 didn’t have any bass reverbs, but it delivers a convincing and fun punch. The Pro700 Mk2 on the other hand, is a pure basshead approach to music. This headphone would make the Beats Studio headphones sound like a polite audiophile headphone as it delivers one of the most thundering bass I’ve ever heard from a pair of headphones. Given the seismic quality (and quantity) of the bass, it would be un-reasonable to expect the Pro700 to match the transients and the articulation level of headphones with lesser bass levels, including the HD25-1. The bass is not exactly slow, and reverb levels are quite low, but still the Pro700’s bass can only be considered to be moderate in speed and articulation. The PRaT factor, however, is quite excellent with the right beats as the seismic quality of the bass makes up for anything it loses in the speed section.

Another thing that you need to be prepared for is attenuated treble levels from the typical audiophile style tonal balance as well as a significantly less open midrange section. I didn’t brand this a basshead headphone for no reason. But compared to the original Pro700, the Mk2 is significantly improved in the midrange quality, housing reverbs, and top and bottom extension. Bass also hits lower and deeper on the Mk2, and as a whole, as I told my friend DJ Reginald, the upgrade from the Pro700 to the Mk2 is a must.

Compared to the HD25-1 and the AIAIAI TMA-1. HD25-1 Adidas version courtesy of Astrindo.


Compared to my previous favorite, the AIAIAI TMA-1, again the Pro700 Mk2 is simply supreme in the bass, but the AIAIAI has a better midrange and treble clarity. The TMA-1 is more refined than the Pro700 Mk2, but the bass does sound too polite when compared to the Pro700 Mk2. The TMA-1 is also noticeably brighter than the Pro700 Mk2. Now if you consider that a lot of people brand the TMA-1 as a dark and muffled headphone, then you’d have a pretty good idea of the kind of tonal balance we’re talking about with the Pro700 Mk2. But, somehow, with the right music, I think the Pro700 Mk2 really delivers the goods (Evil Empire also sounds really good with the Pro700 Mk2, btw).

The housing surprisingly says “Monitor Headphones”. I don’t know how you can monitor with these seriously skewed tonal balance.


I tried the Pro700 Mk2 with some popular R&B such as Raphael Saadiq and the Cadillac Records, and while the bass are always good, vocal passages, especially Beyonce’s on the Cadillac Records, are quite muffled and congested. It can pass as a decent R&B headphone, but the HD25-1 is definitely the better choice as it presents a much, much better vocal section. The TMA-1 is a little better than the Pro700 Mk2 on the vocals, but again, the HD25-1 beats both of them convincingly. But for a moment I am enjoying the bass so much, and as most electronic music don’t put a heavy emphasis on vocal, the Pro700 Mk2 remains to be a very strong recommendation if you happen to be a fan of Electronica, Dance, House, and even Alternative Rock — anything that demand strong and impactful beats to work.

You can enjoy the Pro700 Mk2 direct from an Ipod just fine, but with bass-heavy recordings, bass control would quickly go out the door. Blame it on the Ipod though, as a good portable amp that boasts good articulation such as the Meier StepDance quickly solves this problem. Likewise I much prefer the Yulong U100 with its superior bass articulation than the warmer sounding Audinst HUD-MX1.

I used to praise the Etymotic ER4 for its supposedly “high quality” bass section, but that was in 2008. This year, bass is what you should be listening to. Click on that “Like” button if you agree.


The reason that I didn’t even bother comparing the Pro700 to the M-50 is that the two headphones are so different from each other.

The Pro700 Mk2 is a purebred basshead headphone, while the ATH M-50 is closer to a studio monitoring headphone that happens to have good bass quantity. The tonal balance of the M-50 is quite proper, with treble, mids and bass all taking roughly similar proportions. The Pro700 Mk2 is so seriously skewed to the bass regions, it’s probably one of the most colored headphones I’ve ever listened to.

The M-50 has good bass punch, but presented in that wide soundstage, the focus and the impact seems lost. The HD25-1 is better in this regard, as the smaller soundstage helps focus the impact of the bass. The two headphones’ bass, however, sounds puny in comparison to the Pro700 Mk2.

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    Hi Mike

    Your website and reviews are absolutely awesome – thank you for that.

    I am after really bass heavy, full sized closed backs please. They have to be over the ear (circumaural right?) so sit around my ears (hold on the head) – I used akg 181dj now and after 2 hours of listening my ears burn so I presume that’s because akg181s are supra aural and sit mostly on the ears?

    I will be listening only to trance, house and ambient and I love powerful, deep bass no matter what volume it is.

    Can you please confirm if the Pro700 Mk2 are actually circum aural and sit over/around ears and not on them please?
    Are these cans quite loud? my current k181djs are not very loud which is a bit disappointing.
    I like dynamic, loud, banging sound.

    Originally I was settled for technics rp-dh1200 after reading some reviews but after finding your website I am leaning towards Pro700 Mk2 now.
    Do you know how they both compare? Have you ever listened to the rp-dh1200? There is not that much difference in price between them…The others I am considering now would would be xb1000s (did you manage to listen to them? how do they perform in comparison to Pro700 Mk2? altho they are really big and also quite a bit more expesive at 300usd), ultrasones dj1 pro and maybe pioneer hdj-1000/2000…. please help me choose.

    Generally I am after a headphone + mp3 player combo. I was looking a lot and came to conclusion that best sound quality (+ all of the above I am looking for i.e. dynamic, bassy experience + electronica only listened to) is mentioned with cowon j3 mp3 player – do you 
    know this player? could comment on it at all plz?

    If not, do you know some other (just as awesome site as yours) that specializes in PMPs?

    I was also thinking about adding an amp to the equasion but consider most of them to be too expensive until I came across fiios. I had a closer look at E6 and E11.
    Do you think this would make sense with cowon J3 and one of the headphones above? Would it make sense in adding E11/or any amp in this case at all?

    I am looking to buy fairly quickly so was nearly settled on J3 + rp-dh1200 + E11… until now 😀
    I am thinking if I should go the J3 + Pro700 Mk2 + E11 route now? – trouble is I can’t listen to it anywhere that I live. 

    please advise.

    thank you very much

  • Hi Mike,
    I am looking into upgrading from the Sony xb500/700 to these or the Beats by Dre Pro’s. I used to have the Sony xb700 but swapped them for the 500’s as I felt the 500’s bass punch was better and to my liking. I have tried out the Beats by Dre Pro and I found them to be such a fun headphone, but I suspected they were connected to an amp in the shop, but I am looking into buying the Fiio e11 amp. In your opinion and if you have listened to the Sony and Beats Pro’s, how do they compare to the Pro700 Mk2 in sound quality and bass punch? (Beats Pro is £223.99 and Pro700 Mk2 is £142.80 Amazon UK)

    Much appreciated and as always amazing and helpful reviews! 😀

    • Edward,
      If you have listened to the Beats Pro and enjoyed it, then I would just go with that. There is no guarantee that going with the Audio Technica would give you a better overall listening experience, and unless you can personally audition the Audio Technica, I would just go with the headphone that I’ve listened to and enjoy. Yes, the price difference is quite significant, but at the end of the day better to go with something a little more expensive but you can enjoy.

      • I will try to audition the Audio Technica’s but living in the UK its difficult finding a way of doing so, just wondering how the bass of the Audio Technica’s compare to the Sony’s and Beats Pro.

  • As you said you haven’t heard any other headphone that has more bass (what I’m looking for is punch) so does that mean they have more bass than the Beats Pro?

    • Yes more bass than the Pro..

  • Sorry double post

  • Prakhar Yadav

    Hey Mike
    I have a couple of questions Im hoping you could answer… Im really looking for that thunderous bass that the Pro700Mk2s offer but Im wondering are the mids decent? I dont need them to be great just good enough. Also would the headphone be able to be powered by an E11?
    Thanks in advance

    • The E11 should be good, but for your mids question, the Pro700 Mk2 is not exactly the headphone you use for intensive vocal listening.

      • Prakhar Yadav

        Have you tried these with the ZO2? And its not that I need a lot of vocals, its just that some of the electronica I listen to has some vocal passages. Would these be able to present them well enough?

        • Not with the Zo. No problem with the vocals on electronica, since they are usually mixed into the recording quite differently than other recordings. 

  • i was originally going to get the xb1000’s but looks like sony pulled the plug on these, i loved the xb500 tho, found the bass to be the greatest i have ever heard lol, anyway how would u say the bass on the pro700’s compares to the sony xb500’s? i have a hard time believing the xb500 can be beatin in that department lol, also out of curiousity, have you had a chance to see how these stack against the ultrasone pro900?

    • First of all the Pro700 Mk2 has more bass than the Ultrasone Pro900 or the XB500 combined. But on the other hand it’s also a more specialized, all-out bass headphone. For instance if you value things like clarity, the Ultrasone would be the best of the three, while still offering a good strong bass. The XB500s are okay in my opinion. I don’t think the bass quantity or impact can be compared to the Pro700 Mk2, as the difference is quite big.

  • Ceyer Wakilpoor

    Hey Mike
    Thanks for the great review, so I assume these will really shake your head right? Well, I currently own a pair of Shure se215 iem’s, HD25’s and a pair of M50’s, and I absolutely love them, but I would like to color up my collection. I am looking for a hardcore bass head headphone that is more portable than my M50, and these seem to be perfect, with the bass and the detachable cable. Still, I am worried that it may be clinical and I was wondering if they really gave a fun characteristic to the music. Oh and how portable would you say they are and do they have a low profile? Would also be interested in a side by side with the anniversary version 😀 

    • Lots of questions there, Ceyer.

      Yes this would be the hardcore basshead headphone, though the size is more or less the same as the M-50. I hope that also answer your question on portability and low profile. 🙂
      I’ve A-Bed the M-50 regular and anniv. version, small differences. I’m inclined to believe that it’s going to be the same case as the Pro700 Mk2.

      • Ceyer Wakilpoor

        Thanks a bunch :D, very helpful ^^. From what I’ve read the Anniversary version uses different drivers, but from the specs they seem identical, I just assume its a different batch. How do you think the Pro700mkii will match with the ZO2? 

        • I haven’t used the Pro700 Mk2 with the Zo, but I’d give it a try just don’t go all the way with the contour setting on the Zo.

  • Deniz Zoeteman

    Hi Mike,
    I was wondering if this was the right headphone for me. I am a basshead, but I do like my mids in there. I am a new guy as it comes to high-end headphones. Would these work great for songs like Tiesto & Wolgang Gartner – We Own the Night? That song would sum up what I listen to. Thanks!

    • Deniz,
      The Pro700 would be perfect for Tiesto.

  • Max von Hippel

    The PRO 700MK2’s are enormously uncomfortable because they are far too tight, even with m50 earpads.  If ATH fixes this or if someone can come up with a good mod I will be very grateful, but until then I feel like a total schmuck for completely wasting $160 of my hard earned money.

    • If you want strong bass, tight pads are a must, unfortunately.

  • Kevin Baculanta

    just got this hp, the bass is nice but your over-hyping this hp man. I expected thundering reverbering gigantic earth-shaking bass, its true the bass is good if your music has good bass in the first place, lesson learned…

  • Hello,

    I am a massive basshead, like you, I also grin and laugh to myself when i hear heart thumping bass. Knowing some other bass heavy headphones, I was wondering if since you said these are good for electronica, will those cymbals and fast hi hats be muffled. I don’t want to spoon out money on a headphone that I can’t return. I love bass and I know that in order to get a lot of it, you compromise the higher spectrum. But in your experience, will a get that sense of ambience, that feeling of rain falling down on your head with a drum and bass song because of those drumkits. 
    Sorry for the long question but thanks for reading!Josh

    • Hi Josh,
      In my experience the electronica recordings have always been boosted on the treble region and so with the Pro700 Mk2 I’ve never had a problem with the high frequencies being muffled. As long as you stick to electronica recordings. If you’re gonna use this for Jazz than that’s an entirely different issue.

  • David Eisenblaetter

    Hi Mike,
    I just wanted to thank you a lot, I’m from Germany,
    enthusiastic dubstep, electro, minimal and deep tech house listener even hard style when I want to really kick my brains out 😉 I read your article, ordered these Audio Technica and now am the happiest person 🙂 I used the Bose AE2 before and while these HF are very very nice for classical and vocal driven music, they lack a huge load of bass.
    The Audio Technica sound a little dull in comparison with the bose but the smile they give me while listening to hard bass music is priceless.
    Thanks you and please please keep it up,

    at least now you have to since you know how international your readers are


    • try going back to the Bose now and see how much detail is missing :), I can’t recognize half the frequencies with those.

      • David Eisenblaetter

        The thing is I tested both with a programm that produces test tones from 5 Hz up to 20000 Hz and the AT is much punchier from 5 – 500 Hz while the Bose is more clear and crisp going up. I think it really depends on what music you like and listen to 🙂
        For my application it’s perfectly fine.
        I have a audiofile setup with a good yamaha amp and 4 Magnat speakers at home and a nice setup in my car for that boom boom moments 😉
        So all I was looking for was a fun headfone to take along, that is not as clinical as the Bose with my tipe of music and I think I found it 🙂
        I didn’t want to go with the Beats because they are overpriced and I don’t like them having a small amp built in with a set of batteries, I don’t like Dr. Dre either and I don’t like the looks (Power Ranger) ;P But I had to admid after hearing them that I liked the sound of that big bass in a headfone.
        Thats why I bought the AT and I m happyWith a little treble adjust on the portable amp its alright by the way.
        But indeed you are right the Bose would be the better monitor headfone.
        The AT is much more fun for me though haha

    • Hi David,
      So lucky to be living in Germany! I’m happy you enjoy the Audio Technica. The bass is just awesome, isn’t it? I’ve yet to find anything better. 😀

      • David Eisenblaetter

        Yes indeed I haven’t had headfones with more bass, and thats worth nothing when somebody like I say that, but you’ve tested more than every headfone that I knew of so 😉
        By the way I’m so impressed that you answer almost every post! never saw that on any website 🙂
        Just because I saw it on a youtube vid a few seconds ago, did you listen to the pioneer HDJ-2000 before? Could be interesting,
        not that I had huge experiences with pioneer stuff…. 🙂
        Thumbs up and you made me really curious why I’m so lucky living in Germany 😉 hope that was no sarcasm hehe


        • Thanks for the kind words, David. I do miss a few comments here and there, but I try my best.

          The Pioneer HDJ-2000, unfortunately no. Germany is a really nice country, I visited Germany twice before and I just love it. The beer, the alps, super nice.

  • heck… picked up the ANV edition for a steal of $200, put them on and I really forgot about how much I enjoyed my usual music with my UM3X and Senns 650… the bass is just TOO MUCH FUN!!! THX MIKE!!! =P

    • Nick,
      I think we need to celebrate bass head headphones more. 😉

    • Nick – Where did you find it in stock? Even AT themselves are out of stock at the moment…

      • I bought them locally in Hong Kong where I live, I actually I found them by chance in a non hi-fi store which probably didn’t have a clue that its price had appreciated long ago. Most hifi stores here do have the Pro700mk2anv but they would usually retail for around $400

        • You can find just about anything in Hong Kong.

          • Hifi haven here xD
            Most cans and IEMs you can find at good prices here… not those amps that I’ve been looking at though :

            • It’s all good since amps tend to do serious damage to your wallet. 😉

      • Oh and you can always try provided that you can read Jap to finish the payment procedures 🙂

    • Now this is disappointing… the right side drivers blew and it hasn’t even been 2 weeks.

      These things has a rated input of 3500mW and I was listening with 0 gain… AT better have replacements for these

      • What a bad luck!

  • Mike – have you compared using the Pro700 Mk2 to simply adding bass EQ to some other high end headphone that already has good bass quality ?

    • Ken,
      In my experience you can only EQ so much bass before it’ll get all messed up. The Pro700 Mk2 on the other hand is tuned to be a specialty bass head headphone. It’ll be tough to match it.

  • Jack Kennedy

    Awesome review Mike! I wasn’t even considering these until now.
    Maybe you can help me out; I’m looking for a good pair of closed-back headphones and I can’t really figure out what would fit my needs best. I’ve been looking at the Pro700 Mk2’s, the ATH M-50’s, and the HD25-1’s. I bought the HD558’s not too long ago and I love them. However, I’ve recently gotten into electronica/dubstep/house and the 558’s are good, but not exactly the best with these genres. Which of these do you think would provide the best bass impact/handle these genres while still being able to play other genres (alt rock, acoustic, metal, etc) too?

  • I have pro700mk2, but I want more bass, deeper bass, the lowest possible, I found that pro700mk2 is not low enough for my taste, I’m so desperate for a can that brings earthquake to my jaw, I heard about M-Audio q40 & Ultrasone pro 900, do you think it has a better bass compare to pro700mk2?

    • More bass is not the same as deeper bass. You can have headphones with lower bass but less bass quantity. If you want earthquakes, what you need is bass quantity and impact and I think the Pro700 Mk2 is pretty maxxed out in that department.

      • I think i need to learn more here :). “pretty maxxed out”? so what headphone is the real maxxed out? Thx

        • honestly i do think it’s probably because that extremely low bass is probably out of your hearing range anyways. and i would really like to know what is your reference point or cans for having low bass at all

    • Asrona

      Try an amp, it will do just fine. It also depends on, on what portable device you use.

      • I think sub-low bass on headphones are severely limited, even when they show up on the graphs, usually you just can’t feel them very well.

    • anonymouse

      You need to EQ to get the deeper bass out, some people use amps with a bass switch. Its just a must for bassheads. EQ and you should be fine (btw not all EQs are equal).

  • Juan Carlos Rodriguez

    I just order the MK2, I have a Cowon X7 and I was thinking of getting the fiio E17 or the E11, I’m leaning more so to the E17 to pick up on the mids and stile have great bass, or will it not make a difference at all. I have the AT M50 and I love them with instrumental music but for electronica or hard style I’m getting the MK2, I’m also going to get the AKG K550 in the future.

    P.S. Sorry If I miss spelled anything I’m for Mexico.
    Your review was great and that’s why I a picked the MK2 over the XB 1000 or other headphones very nice work.

    • Thanks, Juan.

      I just got the chance to listen to the XB1000. It’s very nice, but very different from the Pro700 Mk2. Ultimate bass, Pro700 is still king.
      I may do an XB1000 vs Pro700 Mk2 comparison if I have the time. 🙂

      • Juan Carlos Rodriguez

        That sound’s really good, since the XB1000,
        AIAIAI TMA-1, and the pro 700 mk2 were my 3 top pick for a bass headphone but as seen the mk2 was Mi pick mainly because of the kick on the bass, any how I hope that comparison helps people to see if they want a big kick in the bass of a dark headphone or something little less dark with more mids or highs I,m looking forward to your comparison.

        P.S. I do want the XB1000, they look so comfy, but people that have them think they are to big for comfort. (Plus I Pick the MK2s because of portability and good bass with out and amp.)

        • Alright Juan.. it should be a good comparison. 🙂

  • Allen & Heath Xone XD2-53s or Audio-Technica ATH-PRO700MK2s have a flatter frequency response?

    • Sorry, the Allen & Heath I’m not familiar with. The ATH Pro700 is not exactly flat. It’s a über bass heavy phone.

  • sunand jose

    Thanks for your great review ,i got this superb headphone from amazon,your review is absolutely right,I have one Denon AHD 1100, but Audio Technica pro700 mk2 will beat any headphones in this price range with its huge bass and clarity of sound, I have no words about the bass its produced…

    Simply …fantastic and mindblowing..

    • Glad you’re enjoying the Pro700 Mk2. 🙂

  • sunand jose

    Hi Mike,
    what is the best sound card for drive this headphone for my system?

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  • Hello Mike,

    Greetings from Malaysia. I’d like to know in terms of bass comparison, would you say the V-Moda Crossfade LPs has more bass punch as compared to the AT Pro700Mk2s? I have the Crossfades, but the AT looks real good too. Am considering purchasing one soon. Your reply will be much appreciated. Cheers mate.

    • Faris, sorry I don’t have the Crossfade LPs. The Pro700 Mk2 is a monster bass headphone I’ve heard.

  • Asrona


    It seems, i like the Pro MK2, but is there a headphone other than pro mk2 which has good comfort, fairly good soundstage and the most important part, subwoofer like bass, solid bass, like the mk2?


    • Asrona

      I bought the Sennheiser 25hd, and the sound was not good enough. My friend and even some headphone review sites, recommended them but it is not good enough, sound is flat and the bass, not powerful enough. soundstage, almost none. i really need to find a headphone shop where i can try out headphones. But there is not any where i live. So it sucks. That is why this time i will by a good high end headphone, but not sure.

    • Well you can’t have it all, otherwise we won’t be talking about this if you can find a headphone with similar bass bit better soundstage and comfort.

      • Asrona

        Well ok, i see what you mean there. So what you are telling me, i can’t have a headphone with good soundstage, with a solid bass, like the mk2. ?
        The reasonable thing would be then i might prefer the subwoofer like bass MK2 has.
        I listned to them, tried them out, they sounded good, but the comfort. Not good. Keep in mind, for you out there, this headphone doesn’t have good comfort. Too bad.

        • Yeah sort of like that.

          Also I have to say that this isn’t the most comfortable headphone out there

  • frangameister

    G’day Mike, I do have Pro700MKII paired with Fiio E17/E12 and happy with bass but the comfort side of it well… its ok on short listening sessions. Its not the head clamp that bothers me its the band that gives me discomfort. Its more of the bass firstly and portability I am after. I was given a viable option why not go for Ultrasone Pro900 for bass but If portability I am really after ATH-WS99 will be the better option.

    No doubt ((BASS)) on Pro700MKII but I would like to get some thoughts in comparison to Ultrasone Pro900 & ATH-WS99 both sound, comfort & portability.

    I hope you can give me some of your valuable views on this, thank you.

    xs – Keep up the good work. I enjoy reading your reviews.

    • Uls Pro900 is nice and it does have bass but not quite at the level and quantity of the Pro700. The WS series I’ve only heard the 55 and 77. And like the Pro900 they are also good but not Pro700 quantity.

  • Alex

    Hey, i was just wondering if anyone else had problems with the 700mk2’s having absolutely no bass. there is literally none. i dont know what im doing wrong, or if i have a defective pair.

    • That is really weird… defect? Manufacturing inconsistency?

  • Krzysztof Pomarancza

    Thank You for great review and all your comments!!! You are amazing!
    At the same time I’m a little bit surprised why you haven’t write any word about outside noise isolation.
    I would love to hear which one of this free headphones ”TMA-1”, HD 25 II” or ”Pro700 Mk2” dealing the best with outside noise (has best isolation). This is very important for me because i just hate increase volume each time when im entering noisy surroundings.
    Greetings from berlin

    • Hi Kris,
      The pro700 isolates far more than the aiaiai and also a bit more than the hd25

  • Thach M Truong

    Thank you for the awesome review Mike. I’m gonna buy the pro700mk2 next week but I just want to ask which amp should i get to go with it? Does the CmoyBB sound good to you? I can only handle under $100 amp

  • Thach M Truong

    Hello I would love to know your comparison between Pro700mk2 and Pro500mk2. How different are they and is the pro700mk2 a strong step up? Thank you very much in advance

  • I wonder how the bass in these compares to the infamous JVC HA-SZ2000’s…!