Happy New Year!

2014 draws to a close. Another 12 months have passed under the bridge. In 2014, we published 88 reviews. It’s been a busy year….


L does Ohm Air! A Podcast.

It might still come as a surprise for some but Nathan, yes our Nathan, asked me to be on one of his Ohm Air…


Canjam Europe 2014: It’s Back!

Disclaimer: Headfonia is in no way related to the people organizing Canjam Europe. But as it is the only real headphone related show, we’re…


It’s Back To Work!

After a well deserved two week holiday, if I may say so myself, it is back to work for the Headfonia team!   Solar…


NEW: Headfonia Newsletter

I admit we might be a bit late to the Newsletter thing but it is here now!     We will be starting soon…