Esmooth Wood Headphones

I’m loving the craftmanship of these Chinese wood headphones creations. No words yet if any company has started to OEM from them. They use quite a variety of wood materials including:

  • Ebony
  • Bamboo
  • Black Walnut
  • Bubinga
  • Chicken Wing Wood (what?)
  • Green Sandalwood
  • Litchi
  • Maple
  • Rose

You can follow them on Twitter at @woodheadphones. Here are some pictures I pulled from the website:


Source: Esmooth Wood Headphones

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  • Chicken Wing Wood (Jichi Mu)

    An unusual hardwood with an equally unique name – Chicken Wing. When cut tangentially, its purplish-brown flatten wood grain patterns resemble the patterns of bird feathers. Twenty-six species may grow in China, mainly in Hainan Island & Fujian province. Most used in Ming to Mid Qing dynasties to produce high quality furniture.

    View more wood headphones at Thanks.!

    • Mike

      Thanks, that's really unique!

  • Mike

    I think they're mostly an OEM company for now.. I'm still talking to them, so I'll give more updates when I get them.

    They said they've done OEM work for a brand called ZAGG and JIVO.

    Here is the link for JIVO:

  • It would be awesome if you could arrange for us to buy them, Mike. AFAICT, JIVO only sells in-ear. I'd like to get over-ear or at least a cute portable on-era.


  • laon

    Great stuff you found Mike! any way to get them in Indonesia? or rather where to buy them anywhere online?

    • laon

      So I''ve been emailing them since I'm interested on the ath ad-like wood headphone, seems the packaging is still under development and will be available a month from now, priced at modest $148.

      Not bad at all imo. 🙂

      • Mike

        Very interesting. It's always good to see more choices in the $100+ price bracket.

        Thanks for the info, laon. 😀

        • laon

          I was planning to transplant my T50RP onto the housing, as I like the wood work and the ath 3d-wing-like of the phone.

          But who knows if it actually sounds good. 🙂

          • Mike

            Ah, a housing for your Fostex.. that sounds cool. Do you have the stock T50RP now? How do you like it?

            • laon

              Stock form? they're bad bad bad imo, too midcentric with recessed low and high and practically non-existent soundstage.

              I'm still experimenting with some mod with barely noticeable improvement haha, not sure if I like them…

              • Mike

                Thanks for sharing.I'm waiting for Fostex to send me one as well.

                • laon

                  I evny you mike, I envy you hahaha 😀

  • .Sup

    the photo of the earphone on top under the "What we do" paragraph- I thought it was a Judge's hammer 😛

  • Wow they are really cool! I better get me some of them for when i am in the shop. It seem only fitting really!

  • Wilzc

    Esmooth Headphones with Chicken wing wood.. brilliant.. just brilliant..

  • pablo

    Has anyone been able to contact them recently? I seriously want to place an order but no response for days, not online on most major trading websites!

    • Anonymous

      have you tried contacting them through twitter? @woodheadphones

  • dalethorn

    I just got a LSTN Fillmore headphone that several people told me is actually one of these eSmooth models. If that’s true, at least in my case they made it sound very decent. It is not a dark sound by any means – it might even be considered ‘light’, but I find it to be well balanced top to bottom, with reasonable extension on both ends.

    • Thanks, dale.

  • S. McCandlish

    Meze is OEMing from them. At something like a 7x markup!

    • Wow!

    • dalethorn

      The little LSTN Fillmore I got was very good for $100 USD, and if you’d be willing to adjust to the, ummm, unusual midrange balance, they could provide lots of great listening. So the Meze intrigues me, and being made by eSmooth doesn’t bother me at all. If I could determine how the 88 or 77 really sounds, I’d buy one right this minute.