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Me and Lieven have been quite busy dressing up our Facebook page, and I think we want to do an official announcement of it here on the website.

Primarily, I think the Facebook page would be an extension of the main site where we can continue to talk about headphones in a more casual manner. For instance, I often have things that I want to share with the readers but is not quite “full-article” material. Although I’ve been sharing a lot of that on our Twitter channel, the 140 words limitations among other things puts some limits to how much sharing can be done on Twitter. With the Facebook page, however, sharing and discussions flow naturally and I think that would work very well to sustain our continuous round-the-clock desire to talk about headphones.

I also realize that many of you check in to the website a few times a week only to find the same article still posted. Yes, more frequent updates would be good. But we have our obligation to keep the articles we post on Headfonia.com to meet a certain standard, and making short frequent updates are not easy because of that. Not anymore. By having a Facebook page, I am no longer scared to post things I have on my head that may not be well-written, or backed with a well exposed, studio shot photography. It can be a one liner thing that I happen to have in mind. It can be an interesting picture, sort of a “Have you seen this headphone?” kind of thing. It can be a short poll. Whatever it is, I think posting on the Facebook Page is a lot less demanding for us, hence allowing us to have more casual, more frequent updates.

Finally, cross-sharing from the social platform is much more natural and easier to do. Meaning I can hear a lot more from you guys. More discussions and more interactions. I think it’s going to be awesome there.

The URL for our Facebook page is www.facebook.com/headfonia, and I invite you guys to press the LIKE button on it.

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  • Where’s the Google+ Page?

    • I was thinking of that too.. but I think if we open a Google+ now we’re going to have a hard time maintaining both sites and the result is just going to be two lame pages on Google+ and Facebook.

      • fair enough. Now Google+ is already quite busy, I can see major brands are already there since they’re opening their Google+ Page earlier this month.

        I hope I can see headfonia there soon, since I’ve ditched Facebook and have moved to Google+

        Great site BTW Mike 🙂

        • Thanks. 

          We decided we’re not going to go to Google+ for a while. It’s an all-male social network, right? Not our type. 😉

          Just kidding. Same reason as what I said.. Me and Lieven can’t possibly maintain all those sites. Too much on our plate. 🙂 

      • Yep, I totally prefer G+ for such kind of tech talk. I’m using Facebook for useless stuff only.

        • can we feed FB to Google+ automatically?

      • Nicklotr

        Yups, the silent majority is still using Fb, so Fb ftw!

    • Is Google+ still alive?

      • Yes it’s still alive, and it’s healthy! compare to the stuff in Facebook and your post is gonna be buried behind funny cats pictures

        never underestimate google my friend 🙂

  • Anonymous

    As much as I like this site, I dislike Facebook enough to avoid using it as much as possible, so PLEASE, mirror as much as possible to an external site because I will certainly not be adding HF to my facebook page.

    • Everybody has a free choice, we won’t be changing Headfonia.com. On FB there’s just more

    • Yea, sorry about that.

      • Anonymous

        I understand, was just giving you guys a heads-up (and request ¬_¬) about the minority

  • Donunus

    Two Thumbs up here 🙂

    • Thanks, Donunus. 

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