Sennheiser HD25-1 Adidas Originals

Adidas Originals is a line up of fashionable sporting good by Adidas, and this is the Sennheiser HD25 1 ii Adidas with a design touch from Adidas Originals. The headphone has been sold in Europe for a few years nowstarting earlier this year (Thanks, Rosmadi 😉 ), but this time Sennheiser is bringing it to the worldwide market.

I don’t think the blue color is for everyone, though personally I’d take the Adidas Originals model over the standard HD25-1. The sound is pretty much the same with the standard HD25-1, which has been one of our favorite portable headphones for quite some time. What’s difficult is the pricetag, which should be around the $500 range. Reminds me a lot of those premium designer goods.

Thanks for Sennheiser Indonesia for showing the demo.

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  • .Sup

    wow I didn’t know about his, thanks for the info!

    I’m a sporty type and I will defo consider this to pair with HM-602

    • Sounds good, .Sup.

      • Hey Mike !!

        Rod here from Brazil

        My first time here, your blog is simply awesome, never had informations about cool headphones like now. I have some questions please:

        My main tastes in music are: thrash,heavy and death metal and some eurodance, eletronica, looking around over the internet and forums, the most recommended headphones for my music tastes are: Beyerdynamic DT 770, Sennheiser HD 25-1 and MAINLY the Grados SR 125, 225 or 335. I really liked the DT 770 because of the closed design but only knew it by photo hehe. what do you think and also getting a dac/amp would improve the sound, please recommend me $100-200 dac+amp too.

        thx a lot !!!

        • Anonymous

          Hey Rod
          You listen to some really dark music there. I’d take the HD25-1 over the DT770. Add the Fiio E11 amplifier and that should be enough for now.

          • thx for the informations Mike !

            yeah I was choosing between the hd 25 and the dt 770, I heard they are better sound isolating while the grados have a big lack of sound, anyways thx you


  • RIGHT ON! I use Sennheiser HD-25II's for DJing, and I LOVE it when great products get with cool companies to co-brand and co-market in order to reach a broader audience – the pricetag may seem prohibitive – I agree, but a cool concept, and cool reporting as always!!!!

    • THANKS MIKE! Cool comments as always!!!! 🙂

  • WOW the pricetag is excesive… with 500 bucks you can get a great pair of DT990 with a e7/e9 bundle.

    • On one hand, yes. But you can't take the DT990 outdoors and look cool as with the HD25-1 Adidas. 😉

  • laon

    Hmm just about the same price with Denon AH-100, and portable too…

  • jendol

    how about finding the blue pad and replace the old sennheiser hd25-1 pad, then get an adidas sticker

    • The blue pads can be bought, yes. The writings are not stickers, but printed on the cups. Nice idea though. I suppose you can purchase the housing cups from Sennheiser that has the Adidas originals printing on it.

      • DaveWave

        FYI these list for $279 on so the price premium over the standard model isn't so ridiculous.

      • 00

        I’d like to know where replacement blue pads can be purchased, or if you would happen to have the part # for it. I only found the stock black ones @ sennheiser_USA

        • Perhaps they still haven’t stocked the blue pads on the Sennheiser USA site. It’s a fairly new product in the US.

  • Eugen

    I don't know about that 500$ price Mike, on the official Adidas store they are 250$ … 🙂

    • Those Sennheiser guys are playing with me. 🙂 Thanks, Eugen.

  • talip bin osman

    hey mike…

    i came across a store here in sg that sells hd 25-2…

    whats the difference between the hd-25-1 if theres any?

    thanks man…

  • talip bin osman

    hey mike…

    i came across a store here in sg that sells hd 25-2…

    whats the difference between it and the hd-25-1 if theres any?

    thanks man…

    • Mike

      A HD25-2??? Don't think such thing exists man.. you may have had it confused with the HD25-1 II, which is the same as the HD25-1, but with newer packaging and accessories. They introduced that a while ago, and all newer HD25-1 are HD25-1 IIs. 😀

  • Osama

    I want to buy a sennheiser hd25, but I prefer sennheiser hd25 adidas. Is any difference between them?

    • Anonymous

      Nope, no difference.

  • Scottie

    For any Canadians looking for them, futureshop stocks them.  Regular price is usually $299.99, though I’ve seen them as high as $329.99, and as low as $229.99 during the boxing day sale (when I bought mine).  I may have also seen them half price ($150) during a short-term half-off-select-headphones sale but I can’t remember for sure.

    • Thanks, Scottie.

      The cheapest price seems to be in the US, for $199.

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