Superlux HD 668B: A Giant Killer?

Not to be mistaken with the Swedish home appliance manufacturer, Superlux is a Taiwanese company specializing in microphones, speakers, and headphones catering to a wide variety of customers, from casual music listeners to professional artists. However, despite their professional-oriented market, Superlux managed to sell their products at very competitive prices. One fine example would be the Superlux HD 668B studio monitoring headphones, which costs only $30.

Studio monitoring headphones. For $30. Did I just say $30?

Styled like an Audio Technica-AKG hybrid, the HD668B is very well-made. Its plastic body is finished in matte black, solid and smooth, with no jagged edges or uneven seams. Synthetic leather is found on the headband pads and big earpads, which feels very supple, and excellently stitched. Clamping force is just enough to keep the whole thing from moving around, but not so hard to induce dizziness and/or fatigue usually associated with over-clamping headphones. Isolation is quite good, although being a semi-open headphone, it won’t give an isolation that’s as good as a closed-back headphone. Also, the Superlux HD 668B comes with a detachable straight cable, which is slightly thicker than a Logitech computer mice’s cable, and terminated with a gold-plated plug. Just by looking at and holding it, you wouldn’t believe it is priced at $30.


Superlux HD 668B: A Giant Killer?
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  • Reply April 17, 2016


    I’ve decided… Was looking at the AKG 240 and Superlux HD 688D and getting the Superlux. No doubt in my mind that the review has convinced me that “bargain prices” doesn’t necessarily mean “sub-par quality or bad sound performance”. I see that the review is 6 years ago and having read more recent reviews have confirmed that the quality and sound are still there. Thanks so much for helping me choose …..

  • Reply August 25, 2015

    Syed Hakimiey

    Hey, Mike.
    Looking for budget phone, how this compared to Sennheiser HD 202 II, in term of SQ?

  • Reply October 19, 2014

    Thach M Truong

    Hi Mike! Thank you for this awesome review. I just bought it last week and it’s amazing. I just want to ask you which AMP will suit this headphones well. I’m considering between the CMoyBB and the Fiio E11. I listen to almost all kinds of music especially EDM, Pop and Instrumental. And i also find the HD668B lacks a little bit of bass to me. Thanks in advance

    • Reply October 20, 2014


      So which of the 2 amps has the best bass boost for the 668? I don’t think the simple one or two-position bass boost controls have enough flexibility to be satisfactory for a wide range of music. The FiiO E07k has a digital boost that goes 1 to 10, which is more flexible, unless you need one of the other two amps for some reason.

      • Reply October 20, 2014

        Thach M Truong

        Yeah I really love their design and also my budget is small. I do have a wide range taste of music but I mostly use headphones to listen to Instrumental like Yanni or Kenny G and EDM so I kinda want a little bass boost, not too much though. I’m sorry but I’m still new to this kind of thing.

      • Reply August 27, 2015

        Syed Hakimiey

        Looking for budget phone too, how this compared to Sennheiser HD 202 II, Panasonic HTX7 in term of SQ?

  • Reply June 9, 2014


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    • Reply June 9, 2014


      We do headphones not microphones, sorry

      • Reply August 25, 2015

        Syed Hakimiey

        Looking for budget phone too, how this compared to Sennheiser HD 202 II, in term of SQ?

  • Reply May 14, 2014


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  • Reply December 13, 2013


    Hi Mike,

    How deep does the sub bass go? is there any sub bass at all? graphs are wildly different from those of & I’m really confused about HD668B bass & sub bass response.

    Thanks in advance

    • Reply December 16, 2013


      The bass extension is there, but it’s just not very evident on the ears.
      Another way of saying the sub bass is thin/weak, but it’s not cut off.

  • Reply October 27, 2013

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  • Reply May 29, 2013

    Jerry lui

    Would this be better than the AKG K240 Mk.II? I’ve finally narrowed my choices down to these two (HD668B & AKG K240 Mk.II) but I’m not sure which one to pick. The 668 is basically have the price of the K240 but the K240 comes with a velour pad/extra cables… so I guess I’m really just paying for the accessories.

    Which one would you recommend for someone who listens to rock, electric, techno, etc.?

    • Reply May 29, 2013


      “Have” Blah, I meant half. D:

    • Reply May 29, 2013


      The AKG is warmer and should play better with your music.

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