The Beyerdynamic We Love: DT770 Anniversary Edition


This is a double author review. Normal text is Lieven, italics are Mike. Disclaimer: Mike’s DT770 Anniversary Edition was a loaner sample from Jaben Indonesia. Lieven got his free sample from Beyerdynamic directly.


What is Beyerdynamic up to lately? Not only have they delivered the great T70 and Custom One Pro lately, just to name a few, but they’re back already with an all-black Limited Edition 32Ohm DT770 PRO 88 to celebrate Beyerdynamic’s 88 birthday!  I received a free sample of the L.E. DT770 88 from the Heilbronn based company directly. /Lieven

I envy Lieven for getting to keep the Beyerdynamic DT770 AE sample. I only got to spend roughly a period of one week or so as I borrowed the LE from the local Jaben. I was so impressed with the LE when I auditioned it on the store and so I asked them if I can borrow the demo unit for a review. Over the period of that one week, I grew to love the DT770 LE very much. 

Beyerdynamics, you all know I’m not a big fan.. but the Limited Edition DT770 and the COP are two recent releases from Beyerdynamic that I think is quite different from the rest of the family. First one is the Beyer Custom One Pro. The bass a little boomy, but I think Beyer has finally succeeded in creating a fun sounding headphone with the COP. I won’t say that the COP was influenced by the HD650, but it definitely has a darker, fuller low sound than the usual Beyer family is known for. Unlike the COP, the DT770 Limited Edition is not a totally new product, instead it’s a spin off of the popular DT770 line up. The Limited Edition DT770 is still based on a standard non-tesla Beyerdynamic driver. But they’ve executed it so well, I’d take this headphone anyday over the T70 or T70p. It doesn’t have the technicalities of the T1 or T5p (and I don’t expect it would), but outside from the two flagships, this model is, in my opinion, the third best Beyerdynamic model on their entire line up right now (I’ve yet to listen to the T90, but the T70 was — I’d rather be polite). /Mike



The Limited Edition Model

The DT770 LE will only be produced in 2012 in Germany and only 4000 units will be made in total, making it Limited but nut THAT limited you will hardly ever see one. Mike was talking about how basic the box and accessories are for a Limited Edition but there actually is a reason behind this, and I quote Beyerdynamic:

The box is based on the 1960’s Beyerdynamic boxes. They were just like this one, we never had a wooden box, therefore we didn’t make one for this limited edition either. The idea was to make this limited edition headphone and present it in a historic looking box. Even the graphic design was based on the 1960’s graphic design.

So there you have it. It’s more of a trip down memory lane for Beyerdynamic and that’s the reason you’re not getting any accessories (besides the ¼ plug) even though I’m sure a lot of people expect a bit more from a LE.  I actually like the LE plates on the ear cups, although the 88 printing could have been a bit more visible.

This version of the  DT770 (5 – 35.000 Hz) comes equipped with a softskin headband and pads, and while The DT770 in general is famous with its velour pads, Beyer chose to use these on the LE and of course it has an impact on the sound. Comfort wise this LE DT770 with its 270gr. does pretty good, it’s no Sennheiser HD700 but I would give it at least 7.5 out of 10 for comfort (where the Senn is 10). Enough about the looks already, let’s move on! /Lieven

Usually you expect extras for a Limited Edition headphone, something fancier and extra accessories. Nothing like that with the DT770 LE. Instead, as Lieven already mentioned, it’s a real trip down memory lane. Not a big deal, especially after hearing Beyer’s explanation for it. After all, it’s the sound we’re concerned about, not fancy boxes. /Mike


Sound Impressions

The special thing about the anniversary DT770 is that it’s more than a simple tweak. The pleather pads bring down the tonality to make it darker than the standard DT770. The bass is a little boomy, unfortunately, where the standard DT770 (80Ω and 250Ω) has a better control though with a much leaner body. Overlooking the boomier bass, what really gets me hooked is the zero-grain sound and the much improved soundstage depth. The DT770 and DT880 have always been relatively grainy, and it’s not until the Tesla T1 where I start to hear a grain-free Beyer. The DT770-anniversary has a zero-grain sound that reminds me of the big brother the T5p and this improvement by itself is worth having the special Limited Edition tag.

The soundstage depth improvement makes the Limited Edition a much more three dimensional headphone than the standard DT770, or even the DT880 and DT990. Though you get a more airy sound with the standard DT770 or DT880, mainly due to the use of velour pads, but they simply sound flat once you hear the anniversary DT770. The standard DT770 is one of the headphones with serious detail levels, so I really didn’t expect an improvement on this area. How surprising, the AE managed to pass the detail level significantly and it’s so much more effortless in producing those details (with less treble quantity too). This may not be very evident on the average pop-rock recording, but play a well recorded Jazz or Classical piece and you don’t really have to listen hard to spot the difference. Yet most of all, what strikes me as extremely awesome is how the anniversary does all these details while being smooth and effortless.

Lastly there is no more dry sounding, harsh treble of the standard DT770/DT880s. The anniversary DT770 is very smooth on the treble with excellent extension. The midrange is fuller, though on some recordings the more forward upper mids does get more aggressive than on the standard edition. On the average recordings however I think the LE is more pleasing due to the better vocal presence. Again, overlooking the slightly boomy bass of the Limited Edition, this has got to be one of the best Beyerdynamic headphones around. While models like the T1 and the T5p are technically superior, for some reason I am hooked more to the sound of the anniversary DT770 than the two flagship teslas. Compared to the T70, I don’t think there is a comparison. The T70 is a more precise headphone, but it sounds so metallic and clinical, I really wouldn’t use it for music listening.

What I find puzzling is that Beyerdynamic doesn’t say anything about the sound quality improvements compared to the standard version. Did all those sound improvements happen by accident? Probably not, but usually sound quality improvements would be the first thing a manufacturer boast about. /Mike


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The Beyerdynamic We Love: DT770 Anniversary Edition
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Lieven is living in Europe and he's the leader of the gang. Coming from a musical family he's always been interested in good sound. Unlike his family members the only musical instruments he plays are amps and DACs. He loves playing with old tubes and discovering new products while staying faithful to the good old Sennheiser HD650.

  • Andre

    Excellent review guys! I love the 770/80’s but it sounds like they finally made the necessary changes to the LE so great, time to start looking for the 32’s 🙂 I was hoping for a more portable pair and I wasn’t a fan of the COP’s so this is exactly what I was hoping for. Doesn’t look like they are available here in the states yet but please believe I will have my eye on them the second they are.

    • L.

      It really is excellent. They aren’t available yet in the States as far as I know, even here in Europe they’re still very new.

  • Dennis

    I was considering the k550, but this sounds like a serious contender! I get the impression that i shouldn’t use it with my e10 (on low gain) though?

    • L.

      It’s more musical as the K550. And no, I wouldn’t recommend the E10 for this headphone, it doesn’t do it any good.

    • Yes more musical than the K550.

  • L.

    Like Mike, I haven’t used the HD650 since I got these headphones. I do feel guilty 🙂

  • Zohar Lee

    any idea how these pair with an RSA P-51?

    • Sorry I didn’t have the P-51 to try it with. Power wise the P-51 should suffice though.

      • Zohar Lee

        Thank Mike that’s great to hear

  • Julius

    Color me interested. What a great review! I only recently sold off my Luke Skybeyer DT-770 32 ohm Mod ( A DT-770 with wood cups ). Naturally, I am drooling over this new model now.

    • L.

      I’m sure it’ll be available in the US soon

  • Thanks, donunus!

  • L.

    Thanks man!

  • L.

    Thanks H Man!

    I still have the COP and the treble and mids do are better. the ids are more forward and the treble is spicier. It’s not hot. Overall as said, there is way more detail and clarity, more an audiophile sound but still warm and bassy. excellent combo!

  • grizley

    Thanks for this nice review. They’re definitely on my wish-list. I guess not for too long;)

    Just quickly coming back to the comparison with AKG K550, which I own and am/was very happy with. Would you consider DT770 LE in a way “simply better” than K550 or rather “complementary”? I got K550 and was extremely happy with the clarity and soundstage that they offer but only until recently when I became a happy owner of “dark” HD650 which just sounds so much more natural and pleasant to me, especially with vocal or guitar… I still like K550 a lot, but with time I find more and more difficult to motivate myself to listen to them, as HD650 sounds so good with (bit surprisingly) almost any genre of music… But at the same time HD650 tends to be bit “slow” and merciless with some of the lower-quality recordings. Do I get it right, that DT770 LE would be something in between, i.e. dealing better with lower quality recordings, with better PRaT than HD650, but at the same time not so “sterile” as K550 sounds to me? All the headphones driven from Beresford’s Caiman DAC/HeadAmp.

    • L.

      You said it right, it’s in between both! It’s a faster HD650 etc. More musical as K550, etc. I think it’s the perfect headphone if you like a bit of both.

      • grizley

        Thanks L. for the recommendation. I think it will definitely end up in my small collection 🙂

  • breizh

    Hi Lieven/Mike,

    could you tell us about sound leaking, in comparison with the AKG K550 especially ?

    thanks a lot

    • L.

      There’s no sound leaking out that’s for sure. There do is some sound leaking in, you’re not 100% closed of from the outside world but on several occasion people do were standing behind me in my office without having noticed they knocked and came in. I can’t relate to the 550, Mike will reply in a few days when he’s back online

      • breizh

        ok, thanks a lot Lieven !

    • I didn’t really do a sound leak-in comparison with the K550 but I would guess roughly similar depending on the fit on your head too, I guess.

      • breizh

        ok Mike,

        Actually i finally received my K550 this afternoon !
        i can’t wait to try it with my asgard + hrt II+ combo, which is a wonderful combination for my DT880

        In fact, in the last 2 years i bought the yulong U100, then the asgard + hrt, following your reviews ! and i enjoy it very much every day !

        thanks again

        • Good to hear that, Richard!

          I’m excited when people enjoy their music!

  • L.

    Yes, they are better in this LE DT770PRO 88 as in the COP

    • H Man

      Thanks Lieven. I really enjoyed this 2 way review with yourself and Mike. Would like to see more in the future like this. Thanks! 🙂

      • L.

        We like it too but it’s not very easy getting double review samples. 🙂

  • SouthSound

    Mike/Lieven, can you guys comment a little more on how the midrange is positioned? I’ve never heard a Beyer before, but I’ve read enough reviews to gather the original 770 has a u-/v-shaped response. Is the 770 AE’s midrange more in line with the treble and bass? Is this still a bass canon or something more balanced that can shine with vocals and other music that requires accurate midrange presence? Also, have you guys swapped pads & heard the AE with the velour, thoughts?

    Thanks for your time..

    • L.

      There’s no real V shape in this Beyer, that’s one thing it makes it special. the mids are full and upfront in perfect harmony with the lows and highs. It still is pretty “bassy” but that’s in the DT770s nature, in Mike’s part of the review he does talk about the bass in detail. We didn’t swap pads as this is specially chosen for the AE, it’s part of the sound change

      • SouthSound

        Thanks, Lieven.. I went ahead and pre-ordered from B&H. Looking forward to hearing my first Beyers when these arrive. A sales rep from another online store said these should hit US shores in late November/early December.

        • L.

          The wait must kill you 😉 Let us know what you think when you get them!

          • SouthSound

            Indeed.. your glowing review doesn’t help ease my impatience, either. 🙂

            As another poster requested above, if you could provide some brief comparisons to the HD600, it would be much appreciated.

  • David

    Hi Mike, you’ve mentioned the online price is between $200~250. May I know which online store are you referring to? I’m really interested in buying one.
    Thank you.

    • L.

      I think I wrote that. It depends on the continent you are in. Just google for it and you get lots of Us and UK shops. They’re not even out in the US yet btw. Cheapest I found them for was 143€ in Holland

      • Any ideas when these will show up in the US? 2012 is almost over…

        • L.

          I figured they were available already

          • Still backordered on B&H (they are listed as a pre-order).

            • L.

              I’m afraid we europeans will have bought them all by then 😉

              • It sure looks that way. Actually I’m European but moved to the US :/. Thinking of ordering them at home.

  • hiam

    Great review . Currently looking at dt 770 ,k550 and hp100. Whats your take on pairing these dt 770 Ae cans with the fiio e17? Would the results be comparable to the ones you got with the e10? or is that too quick an assumption?

    • L.

      I don’t have the E17 and Mike doesn’t have the AE anymore. But in general the amp section on the E10 is better as that of the E17 (where the dac is better accordiing to Mike) so I don’t think it will be the best combination, but that’s a big “Think”. I’d have to listen to it to make a judgement

  • Trent_D

    maybe this will end up like the special edition of the HD580, and become a new headphone once the AE is sold out.

    • L.

      If the 4000 units sell quickly, they just might. Anyway seems like lots of people are ordering the AE after having read this review, so who knows 🙂

      • Trent_D

        I can’t imagine why that would be! You would almost think that you and Mike are getting a kickback from Beyerdynamic (almost).

        • L.

          If only, we’d be rich by now 😀

  • wouldn’t the dt880 had made more sense?

    • L.

      I don’t think so, the DT770 is one of the most popular headphones

    • L.

      As in how?

  • ryan

    hi mike….this one or senn momentum??? the local store price for dt770 ae is on the high side compare to online store….around usd400

    my hand is itching for another headphone

    • L.

      Fun on the move : momentum
      Better quality: DT770 AE

  • law
    • $249! Thanks for sharing that link with us, law!

  • Markus

    I pulled the trigger and ordered one after reading your review, which is great by the way. For the time being the only other can I have is the Sennheiser HD 598. How would you compare the sound of the DT 770 LE to the HD 598?
    Last but not least I wanted to ask if the Topping D1 Mark2 is a good amp to pair with the DT 770 LE?

    • Markus, the sound is quite different. The HD598 more forward, more mid-oriented, more grainy in sound. DT770LE more bass, more laid back.
      Amp the D1 is good but I enjoy something darker like the Matrix Mini Portable (review here)

      • Markus

        Thanks for the answer Mike,
        My intention was to find a musical can which complements my HD598 and plays most of the genres well. I am quite confident that the DT 770 LE will meet my high expectations. Can’t wait to have them in my hands (on my head).

  • smithj33

    Hey Mike, I know you said you haven’t been using your 650, but how does the 770 LE stack up to the HD600? Obviously more bass, but any any other thoughts? Thanks

    • Some of the things I can think of is, cleaner sound better clarity better soundstage three dimensionality compared to the HD600.

  • Been looking for a closed can for a while for when I can’t use the leaky old T1. Pulled the trigger on this on the back of your review! Can’t wait to hear them.

    • L.

      Let us now how you like them!

      • Very much! I think you guys nailed it in the review – they have the PRaT that I missed from the HD 650 and some sparkle without any fatiguing hot treble. Plenty of detail amidst the warmth. Great cans! Thanks guys

        • L.

          Our pleasure. enjoy the headphone! 🙂

          • Got a question for you – if I find the T1 a little harsh in the treble in comparison to this DT770 – what flagship should I have gone for? LCD2? HE500?

        • Good to hear that!

  • grizley

    I knew they won’t last long on my wish-list… Ordered:) Got them from for a very nice price. I believe you can get them for ~200$ delivered (plus custom & tax fees depending on your country) if you happen to live in Europe or not so far from Europe… Can’t wait to check how my Squeezebox/Caiman DAC combo can drive them;)

  • ryan

    Is this really tat good? To buy or not to buy? How do you compare this with dt880? I wanted a closed phone

    • I think it’s more musical than the DT880. Less dry, less bright more bass.

  • Zohar Lee

    So these have arrived – sounding nice already will wait to see how they bed in, however I have noticed one issue with portable use –

    There are two small air vents – one on each side and if it’s windy out it comes in through the vents and it sounds like cable noise, this can unbalance the sound a bit as there is one placed at the front of the R cup and the other is at the back of the L cup – so depending on which way the wind blows it only affects one side.

    Otherwise they are excellent – lovely sturdy build.

    • Interesting info on the air vents, Zohar.

      Glad you’re enjoying the headphone!

      • Zohar Lee

        Hi Mike, Yeah they are fantastic – am still getting used to the differences between them and the MS-1’s(with L pads) they replaced – very different sound signature & sound stage.

        I have definitely noticed that the boomy bass you refer to is much tighter and less intrusive when pushed through the P-51, which allows a bit more room for the lower mids.

        All in all very pleased them

  • Fabio_Rocks

    Very nice review guys! I love/hate My Sennheiser hd650, I found lacks some bass compared to my beloved px100ii, but what bore me more is the laidbackness and slowness that does not work well with fast music. My question is: Should I sell the Hd650 and buy this one? Thanks!:)

    • Trent_D

      HD650… lack bass? I don’t think I have heard that one before. I actually am really liking the 650 for rock. Of course, I don’t listen to anything that fast, so the thick low end doesn’t slow me up.

      • L.

        Believe it or not Trent, there are headphones with different/better bass too 🙂

        • Trent_D

          Shirley you jest 😉

    • Dear Fabio,
      You should ignore all the HD650 fanboys over here and buy the DT770 LE.

      • Trent_D

        The DT770 does look like a great deal, too. It has been said before, this website is poison for the wallet.

      • Mike, this brings up the point that Senn have chosen to release the Momentum and the HD700 (on either price point side of the HD650) rather than update the HD650 to make it more competitive with phones like the DT770LE. My guess is that they know feel that the original target audience for the HD650 is the people in the HD700 price range, and that people who can’t afford the HD700 are the same ones who are going to like the Momentum instead. The 650/700/800 numbering seems to imply this as well.
        Do you agree ?

        • L.

          But the sound level of the Momentum isn’t at the level of all the before mentionned headphones

          • That’s the point – rather than upgrade the HD650 HiFi Audiophile headphone at that US$500 price point, they chose to introduce a HiFi Audiophile headphone at a higher price point (HD700), and introduce another MidFi headphone at a lower price point US$350 in between the 598 (US$250) and the 650.
            The implication is that they feel that audiophiles can afford the HD700…

            • Trent_D

              What’s wrong with the 650 as is? The cost might be a tad high I suppose. It is nice to see such great competition in the headphone market, though.

              • Nothing wrong with it. It just isn’t exciting at times for the average listener.

                What competition? The HD650 has been unrivaled for 8 years, even now. The newer cans come and go and the Beyer crowd doesn’t compare to the Senn crowd.

    • grizley

      I guess I want to throw in my opinion… Absolutely not! Don’t get rid off HD650 to buy DT770LE. Of course it all depends on what kind of music you listen to, how annoyed you are with the slowness of HD650, what kind of sound do you prefer, but having them both I clearly find HD650 superior to DT770LE. My Beyers got already around 75h of listening time and as much as I like them, they play in lower league than Senns. Yes, they are faster than Senns and bit more musical than AKG K550. It feels like great compromise but pls keep in mind that you also do not get the enormous soundstage and detail of AKG and this fantastic, romantic, open and airy sound of HD650 that makes you shiver for instance with every pluck of Clapton’s guitar string in Layla… I could not live without my HD650. I would miss a lot bit sterile, but detailed K550. While with DT770LE, I simply like them in my small collection. Pls take into consideration that my HD650 are possibly not even driven to its full potential by my Beresford’s Caiman DAC and still I consider them to be absolutely mind-blowing and forgive their tendency to “choke” a bit with faster music…

      • L.

        but the AE is a lot easier to drive, I’ve been giving the AE a lot more head time as the HD650 lately

        • grizley

          That’s true L. DT770LE are just fine from almost any source. I somehow spent most of the time listening to my home setup which is mid-/entry- level Squeezebox Touch + Caiman DAC/HeadAmp combo and here HD650 is my clear favourite, though I assume not yet driven optimally. I switch to DT770LE for some faster or generally poorer quality recordings and then it can be more enjoyable than HD650. But having both, I can not imagine trading my HD650 for DT770LE, while the opposite I would consider a clear upgrade… Depends a bit on what is your favourite music genre of course.

          • L.

            I have to say I’m not a fan of the AE when using the CLAS as dac.

            • Don’t leave us hanging L. Why don’t you like the CLAS+AE combo?

              • L.

                ipod + CLAS + C421 is a great combo, but somehow it doesn’t work for me with the AE. It’s not engaging, only on Hi Gain you get the sound you normally get from the AE, and I don’t like that. Laptop + E10 + C421 + AE on the other hand is awesome. AE + any other desktop amp/dac is also awesome. So it must be the CLAS causing this. maybe it’s a bit too analytical/thin(??) for this combo, I’m not sure and I can’t seem to explain it very well :).

                • I see the c421 is in every combo you mentioned just now. I wonder if CLAS + National would give a more favourable result?

                  • L.

                    C421 is my on the go amp 😉 Maybe it would, I’ll try the clas and some other amps

                  • Trent_D

                    I remember Mike saying in a facebook post that he took the National and CLAS to a local meet, and that they were joking that those two together could make good music out of any headphones.

                    • Yea that was not a joke though. Of course not like literally all the headphones out there, but we tried it with several difficult headphones and they sound good out of the pairing.

  • Floyd Style

    Hi guys, ho would you compare this headphone to the Grado SR225i? I want to replace my Grado because I can’t wear them more than 1 hour because they are so uncomfortable.

    Is the soundstage comparable? Does it beat the 225i in bass?

    On a side note, I also have the Amperior.

    • Floyd,
      Just on the point of soundstage and bass, the DT770 is superior.

      I think a lot of headphones are easily superior to the Grados when it comes to soundstage and bass. Grados aren’t the most refined sounding headphones either. However their presentation does have a special thing about it — the Grado sound you can say and that’s why people keep on getting back to the grados.

      • Floyd Style

        Do you guys know any place in Canada where they sell these german headphones?

        • Mark Ferrosa
          • Thanks, Mark.

            • Mark Ferrosa

              You’re welcome Mike. I ordered these cans. Can’t wait!

          • Floyd Style

            thanks Marc, I finally found a local place at 195$ CAD!

            • L.

              do tell us about your findings

            • Mark Ferrosa

              I’m glad that I can help u.

  • sindri1980

    Hi everyone,

    Between the Alo National, C421 and Asgard, which one do you recommend for the DT 770 LE? Do you have a better suggestion?


    • I would go with the ALO National or the Matrix Mini Portable.

      The Yulong, it should work but how good the pairing, I wouldn’t know.

  • ryan

    Finally…got it, got it!

    • L.


      • ryan

        And enjoying it. This should be my second last pair of headphones.

        • Good to hear that, Ryan!

        • L.

          Wanna bet? 😉

          • ryan

            really…really my second last pair…

    • Trent_D


  • Mike and Lieven, you guys like to torture us ;). Seriously though, I got the AKG K550 a few weeks ago on the strength of your review and a few others. They’re great. However, I find myself now wondering if that was the right decision, given that you guys are basically describing this Beyerdynamic as a better relative of the K550. Is the difference that significant? Should I feel buyer’s remorse? 😛

    • Hi John,
      We like the DT770 better than the K550 but the K550 also has other strengths that the DT770 doesn’t have. Soundstage I still think the K550 still has the upper hand.

  • ryan

    Have anyone tried velour pads on this?

    • Ryan,
      I’m going to ask Lieven to give it a try with velour.

      • L.

        Lieven Doesn’t have velour Beyer pads at the moment. But as this pad was chosen for the AE, I was thinking of sticking to it. I’m not a fan of (p)leather but on this DT770PRO is doesn’t bother me at all.

        • I think part of the curiosity over this is just how much of a difference the pads are making versus whatever changes were made to the drivers. I’ve even seen some people assert that the sound differences in the AE are solely due to the different pads.

          • L.

            Of curse, that’s what Beyer even says themselves, it’s the pads. the drivers weren’t touched as far as we all know

            • Well, surely that’s not completely true. The impedance of 32 Ohms is unique to this edition. Who is to say they stopped there? I just find it hard to believe that the pads alone could influence the sound as radically (grain for example) as you guys have stated.

              • L.

                Agreed. What’s for sure is that they sound really good and different

            • Guest

              From Sweetwaves website: Its newly developed 32 Ohms drivers are based on our world-renowned 80 Ohms and 250 Ohms drivers.