The New 4 Watts Amp From Burson: Soloist


The way I read this is that they have come up with a simpler design (GOOD!) and up the power to 4Wpc (NICE!). I’m excited. Here is the text from Burson:

3 years after their benchmark setting HA-160 headphone amplifier, Burson Audio has introduced a new head amp/preamp 2 in 1 named the Burson Soloist.

Staying true to their IC free design approach, the Soloist is a pure Class-A amplifier free from standard IC opamp and IC power regulator building blocks.

Comparing to the HA-160, the Soloist has 35% less components on its signal path which translate into a even more organic sound.  Output power has increased to 4Wpc and can be varied to match to any headphones.

Furthermore, the Soloist is also a streamlined preamp that promises to match well with any power amps.

Retail price: 960USD
Release date: 1st July, 2012

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Soloist-4 Soloist-3 Soloist-2 Soloist-1 Soloist

  • Silvestro Pomes

    and <1Ohm output impedance.. :Q_
    Nice. Ad looks cute, too…

  • Mike Roderigo

    the hell I’m looking forward to the review of this one. I hope you’ll be one of the early reviewer as you were with the ha-160D

  • Austin Morrow

    Just got the email for this. Looks very interesting indeed. While I’m not the biggest fan of the pre-amp with the headphone amp, the power increase is very nice.

  • Julian Junishev

    No XLRs. Not for me.

    • Mike

      I actually prefer 1/4″ more than XLRs. But that’s just me.

      • Eugen

        there is a good argument for single ended amplifiers vs balanced but there is no good argument for 1/4″ jacks vs. xlr’s :)

        • Mike

          1/4″ is better. Believe me. ;)

          • Eugen

            Maybe at sticking them in your ass … :)

            • dalethorn

              Is there some crossover from recording gear here?

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  • P. J.

    I like the fact that it has so many inputs but for 1k I would expect a balanced amp.
    This is something that I cannot agree:

    “Comparing to the HA-160, the Soloist has 35% less components on its signal path which translate into a even more organic sound. ”

    The Audio GD Ref 5 that I have has so many components in its signal path and it makes the most organic sound I have ever heard.

    Looking forward to the review.

    • Mike

      Generally speaking, from my experience with amplifiers, less parts do correlate to a more organic sound.

      With DACs it’s not quite as simple.

  • Eugen

    At least they went around the crappy limitation of the 24 level attenuator using gain switches and they actually have a preamp out this time. Could be quite ok as a desktop amplifier, too bad about the price though. All that good press must be used for something. :)

    • Mike

      24 level attenuators are crappy?

      • Eugen

        Not enough steps.

  • Mike Roderigo

    Mike, looking forward to your review !-)

    • Mike

      It’s in the mail ;)

      • mike roderigo

        yes I know ;-)

      • L.


  • Victor Yu

    Hi Mike,
    When are you planning to release the Soloist detail review?

    • L.

      Yes, Mike just had to redo the pictures