The New Superluxes Are Good! The HD330, HD440, and the HD660.


I never doubted Superlux’s ability to make headphone drivers. From the time we posted the review of the HD668B, to my other exposure of Superlux headphones, including the HD662, HD662B, and the HD669, I’ve always been impressed at the quality of the sound you get for the price. After all, if you can make good microphones for Professional use, there is no reason why you can’t design a Pro-quality transducer for the headphone end.

Now, one of the reasons that I still hold back from making a wide recommendation of the Superlux headphones is that their tuning are mainly geared toward professional monitoring uses. From the HD662 to the HD669, all boasts great clarity and instrument separation, but mostly they have been too bright and too thin on the midrange section for good music listening purposes. Not so with these new generation Superluxes. The HD330, HD440, and the HD660 still boasts the same clear sound that you get on the other Superlux models, but with a tonal balance more suited for music listening.

The HD440 should step forward to be the all-rounder model of the three. Boasting a sweet and musical midrange that’s undoubtedly the best out of all the Superluxes, the HD440 is a headphone that’s hard to not like. As a matter of fact, I don’t think I’ve ever heard a midrange execution as good as what I’m hearing on the HD440 on any headphones perhaps the low side of the $200 mark. Very sweet and full midrange sound, and yet with the usual Superlux clarity behind it. Maybe I can likened it to a smooth sound like what you get on the Audio-Technica ESW-9, but it’s not overly thick as the ESW-9. It’s a very strong midrange performance, and people would be drawn to the HD440 just on the merit of the midrange alone.

The tonal balance of the HD440 is quite good as well. From the fairly relaxed but smooth treble, it extends down to a full bodied midrange, and down smoothly to the bass region. Clearly a mid-centric tonality, but not excessively so, as there are enough treble presence to keep the balance and with a good air. The only two complaints I have is that the bass punch is relatively weak, and that the vocal presence can feel recessed at times. The HD330 and the HD660, though not possesing the sweet midrange of the HD440, actually gives a much better vocal presence than the HD440 at most times. Quite a contradiction, but it’s true. The overall pace of the HD440 is quite moderate and slightly more to the laid-back presentation. It’s a musical headphone for sure, even considering the complaints I have with the vocal and the bass.

Oddball housing design, but so far looks pretty original.



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The New Superluxes Are Good! The HD330, HD440, and the HD660.
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  • Vinci

    On sound quality alone. Should I take HD330 over CAL? Thanks

    • Yes though the CAL is a pretty fun sounding headphone.. so it’s not a clear-cut choice.
      And the CAL is something you can take/wear outside.

      • Vinci

        Thanks Mike.

      • Vinci

        One more thing. Because the superlux is cheap for a headphone, i’m wondering if i get the hd660, what other superlux headphone will compliment it? I know the question is vague.(and im not a native english speaker). Let’s say from what I read, the Hd660 is great for rock. Then what model will be great for let’s say, vocals or live performances.(unless the hd660 performs great at them too). I never listen to club,and hiphop by the way. Thank you.

        • Dave Ulrich

          The HD660 is quite neutral and does fine with most music. I wouldn’t say it is GREAT with the vocals, however.

        • The HD660 is great for vocals and live performances as well..

  • Mario Dalisay

    the HD660 really rocks! Paul Gilbert flac + Fiio e6 blue eq + HD660 = budget-fi WIN
    guys this HP is legit for rock! don’t hesitate to buy one if you read the review and find the HD660 interesting

    thanks for the review sir Mike!

    • Dave Ulrich

      Finally! The HD660 doesn’t get its due.

  • Daryle Edmond Dakis

    Thank you for this review. I’m about to purchase a pair of headphones and I’m choosing among these three and the Superlux HD681 EVO. I’m just not quite sure which to pick.

    My initial pick is the EVOs, but after reading your review, I’m thinking of buying either the 330 or the 440. I mainly listen to just pop, rock, jazz, some R&B. No heavy metal or hip-hop. I also have a FiiO Rocky to pair it with.

    Any suggestions? Thank you.

  • Frank

    Hi Mike, can you please compare the Superlux HD681 and the HD330? i have HD681 already for 2-3 years, im happy with it, but i was just wondering would the HD330 be an improvement… Im listening and mix/master rock/metal music.thx

    • Mike is no longer around Frank, this is a 2011 article. sorry

      • Frank

        thx for the reply anyway :). is there anybody in the current team who can help me out with my question? or any other suggestions? thx a lot, Frank

        • Dave Ulrich

          Well, I have only heard the HD660, but I think that might be a good one for you to give a listen. It is very linear, with tight, punchy bass, clear treble and surprising good detail for the price point.