1MORE True Wireless ANC IEM Review

1MORE True Wireless ANC IEM

1More APP

1MORE has an app both for iPhone as well as Android devices. You can use the app to control the noise cancelling modes, receive OTA firmware updates or check the battery level. I successfully updated the firmware of my device using the app and it was really easy. The app is designed with simplicity in mind and works flawlessly without bugs.

1MORE True Wireless ANC IEM


1More TWS ANC has a warm, fun signature. It sounds bold and authoritative. Vocals and instruments sound thicker, fuller.

The bass quantity is impressive. Powerful, strong bass increases the excitement factor by a good margin. The Midrange stands a step back, compared to the rest of the frequencies. However, this is not the case with the upper midrange & lower treble areas. Those are elevated, my guess is to increase the perceived clarity and it works. The elevation gives a good sparkle to the signature, resulting in a more energetic, lively signature.

1MORE True Wireless ANC IEM

The high treble area is somewhat smoothed – just a pinch – but shows good extension. For example, listening to something popular like Billie Eilish’s “Bad Guy”, which has a lot of low region activity, shows us how good this 1MORE performs under congestion. The punch of the bass is really great. Vocals are sweet and bold. Claps are easy to follow, imaging is also good for the price.

Going from Billie to Buika lets us know more about the sound stage and instrument separation. The sound stage is not so wide, but it has good depth. Instrument separation is good, you can deduce where everything is with ease. Buika’s powerful vocal sounds more authoritative than ever, it is quite exciting to listen to with the 1MORE TWS ANC. Detail level is quite good too.

1MORE True Wireless ANC IEM

If we move on to something calmer, like Nils Frahm’s “Ambre”, TWS ANC stands its polite ground, the tonality is indeed on the sweeter side and both the attenuation and extension of the keys are impressive.


Vs. Hifiman TWS600 (msrp.199$)

Think opposite of everything I just wrote. Haha. Joking aside, the TWS600’s tonality is on the thinner side compared to the 1MORE’s. It does not have a deep, authoritative bass. The perceived sound stage feels wider but most of the instruments sound somewhat thin compared to the 1MORE IEM. Detail-wise, the Hifiman TWS600 is a step ahead, it is definitely more revealing. However, the TWS600 can be a little fatiguing to listen to compared, especially during long listening sessions.

Vs. TinHifi TWS2000 (msrp.79$)

Another TWS with thinner signature. Perhaps even more so than TWS600. Perceived soundstage feels wider however upper midrangre and lower treble is a little sharp for my taste. Tracks with fast passages and multiple instruments suffer from this by a good margin. Bass is not as light as the TWS600’s bass and that one lacks the authority of the 1MORE’s. Detail retrieval is good. Treble presentation may be fatiguing for sensitive people.

1MORE True Wireless ANC IEM

Vs. Edifier TWS NB (msrp 119$)

Big bold signature, like 1MORE’s’s but lacking in the resolution department. 1MORE has a more detailed presentation and sweeter tonality. TWS NB’s bass quantity is larger, which sometimes hurts the mids and causes crowded staging. 1MORE has better upper midrange and treble presentation. It also has a more relaxed stage and better instrument separation.

 Last words

1MORE has again come up with a great little TWS IEM. I like the 1MORE True Wireless ANC IEM.

The design makes it look like it came bundled with a McLaren, and it certainly feels great in hand. And on top of all that, it sounds great. The ANC works very well and the call quality is also very good.

As for the battery, it could be better but it is certainly not bad when you add ANC to the equation. The TWS ANC IEM is comfortable to wear, the hooks really work well and provide a snug fit.

Sound-wise it offers a warm, rich sound signature with a bold tonality. It is quite fun to listen to! If you’re in the market for a TWS with active noise cancelling and sound quality, these may be the ultimate solution. If the TWS ANC IEM was water resistant and showed an even better battery performance, we would have added it to our Recommended Buy list. For now it comes close but not close enough.

4.5/5 - (182 votes)


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