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Audio Technica ATH-AWAS.

Audio Technica ATH-AWAS review

The ATH-AWAS is a new closed-back headphone from Audio Technica. Retailing for $1,399 USD, it’s hand-made from a rare Japanese Cherry Wood.   [responsivevoice_button]…

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Audio Technica ATH-AWKT

Audio Technica ATH-AWKT review

In today’s review we’re taking a look at the new flagship closed-back headphone from famed Japanese audio manufacturer Audio Technica: the ATH-AWKT, which retails…

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Audio Technica AD700 Review

The Audio Technica AD700 is a very popular headphone that is widely considered to be among the best-sounding headphones under $100. I have listened…

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Audio Technica ES10

Audio Technica rewrote the rules of portable with the ATH-ES10. When it was announced last year, I noticed that the ES10 is not just…

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Audiosense DT600

AudioSense DT600 Review

Today we look at the AudioSense DT600, the latest IEM of the brand selling for $249 USD.    Disclaimer: the Audiosense DT600 was sent…

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