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xDuoo Link 2

xDuoo Link 2 Review

In this article we look at the $99 xDuoo Link 2.   Disclaimer: The xDuoo Link 2  was sent to us free of charge…

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earmen eagle review headfonia

EarMen Eagle Review

Today, we are reviewing the last DAC from EarMen, the Eagle. It is selling for $119 USD.   Disclaimer: EarMen sent us the Eagle…

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FiiO FH3 Review

In today’s review, we check out the FiiO FH3. The latest IEM from the famous Chinese brand, selling for $149 USD.   Disclaimer: the…

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EarMen Sparrow

EarMen Sparrow Review

Today we have the EarMen Sparrow review, a USB-dongle sized DAC/AMP which is selling for $199 USD or €219.     EarMen If EarMen doesn’t ring…

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Lotoo PAW S1

Lotoo PAW S1 Review

In this review we’re looking at the all new $169 USD PAW S1 from Lotoo. Is it yet another home-run?     Disclaimer: The…

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