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Fostex TM2

Fostex TM2 Review

In this article we review the Fostex TM2 BlueTooth adapter & IEM, which is selling for €269 Euro.     Disclaimer: FOSTEX sent us…

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Fostex HP-A4: Mini HP-A8

Disclaimer: The Headfonia Store is a Fostex dealer in Indonesia. We’ve been selling Fostex products since last year and there is a big chance…

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Fostex: TH900 and TH600

Disclaimer: The TH600 is a loaner from Fostex Japan, the TH900 a loaner that belongs to a local enthusiast. This review started life as…

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The Fostex HP-P1

Hot from the oven is the new Fostex HP-P1: portable digital transport, DAC, and amplifier all in one box. I have received the device…

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Drop THX Panda

Homeworking Music

  We are in a time, where working from home is not a special thing anymore. Even when the world is not at a…

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