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Vision Ears EXT Review

In this article we review the Vision Ears EXT universal IEM, which is selling for €2.650 Euro.   Disclaimer: Vision Ears sent us the…

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Vision Ears Phonix

Vision Ears Phönix Review

In this article we review the Vision Ears Phönix IEM which is selling for 3,500 EUR/3,900 USD.   Disclaimer: Vision Ears kindly supplied the…

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Vision Ears VE7 Review

Today we review the all-new Vision Ears VE7 high-end universal IEM which costs €1650 Euro.   Disclaimer: The Vision Ears VE7 is shipped directly…

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Vision Ears EVE20

Vision Ears EVE20 Review

In today’s article we check out the brand new, limited edition Vision Ears EVE20. This universal IEM sells for €1.300 Euro.   [responsivevoice_button]  …

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Lime Ears Anima

Lime Ears Anima Review

This review is all about the Lime Ears ANIMA flagship IEM. It’s selling for €3.400 Euro.   Disclaimer: The Lime Ears ANIMA IEM was…

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Softears Cerberus Review

Today we check out the custom version of a flagship IEM; the Softears Cerberus which sells for USD 2099.   Disclaimer: Softears directly provided…

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