Audeze Euclid Review

Audeze Euclid


Build Quality & Cable

I have never complained about Audeze’s build quality before and I won’t start doing so now. The Euclid has a perfect build quality, and there’s nothing I can complain about. The gold plated MMCX connecters are perfectly integrated in the shells and the cable looks and feels sturdy. They also allow you to use your favorite aftermarket cables.

The stock 4 braid Audeze cable is terminated with a single ended 3.5mm cable. It’s simple and sturdy but it perfectly does the job. It’s comfy, doesn’t tangle and it sounds good. Talking about the cable, the stock one that comes with the Euclid is terminated with a 3.5mm plug. Audeze has announced a 4.4mm balanced one and even a Bluetooth one for this summer.

According to Audeze the Euclid IEMs are handcrafted in small batches, so at some times they might take a while to get to you if Audeze is waiting on parts from one of their vendors.


Fit, Comfort and Isolation

To give you the best fit with the best comfort, the Audeze Euclid comes with 3 different styles of silicone and foam eartips including SpinFit and Comply models. Replacement Audeze eartips are available from Audeze’s accessories page.

As said earlier, I do find the ear port to not be the smallest (they measure 5mm), so take this into account. With smaller ear canals and foam tips, the comfort might not be ideal. That being said, the shells are very light weight and they sit comfortable and tight in your ears. The cable doesn’t drag the units down, so that’s good.

Apart from the nozzle size, I don’t see anything that could compromise the Euclid’s comfort in any way.

Isolation-wise, it kind of depends on the tips you’re using with the Euclid, but it is a closed back IEM and as such the isolation is quite good, to very good with foam tips.


According to Audeze the Euclid has superior detail retrieval and sonic accuracy with a soundstage and dynamic range so robust you’ll forget you’re listening to a closed-back in-ear.

That’s quite the claim, so let’s see how correct that statement actually is. For the most part, unless specified differently, the source used in this review is the HiBy R8 TOTL DAP.

Sound – Intro

Before going more into detail, I quickly want to address the difference in tips. I most often use foam tips with universal IEMs, unless they produce too much with and bass with those. For the Euclid I have used both the foam tips as well as the Large sized Spin Fit tips.

Bass actually is really nice with both type of tips and the main difference is in the overall weight and impact and the body of the mids. The foam tips will give you more of that and they sound a bit warmer where the silicone tips have more clarity and as such make the detail retrieval more apparent.

Comfort-wise the silicone tips are the best for me, and I prefer the higher technical presentation of these tips as well. So for the remainder of the article, the Euclid is always equipped with the SpinFit tips.

Audeze Euclid

Sound – General

Tuning-wise the Audeze Euclid is musically neutral. This means it doesn’t really elevate or push forward anything, but always has a very musical delivery.

The Euclid has excellent detail retrieval and the clarity and precision is top notch over all the frequencies, as expected from a planar driver.

Sound-stage wise the Euclid performs well in both width and depth, and the layering is quite good especially in the low frequencies.. The Euclid sounds spacious, airy and open and it’s very impressive seeing this is a closed back design. If you didn’t know it, you would never guess it’s a closed IEM and that’s a huge compliment.

As we’re used to from Audeze’s orthodynamic drivers, the separation and timbre are excellent. Note extension and decay is good and I can’t complain about it at all, though there’s always something on the market that scores even better in this regard.

The Euclid’s left/right balance and stereo imaging is really well done and as this is a closed back IEM, this actually is super impressive.

For me the Euclid is a nicely balanced IEM, even though the FR curve probably isn’t the most linear, but more on that in the next chapter.

All-in-all the Euclid is a very good sounding monitor that sounds nothing like a closed monitor and that’s a major achievement. To be honest, when I first heard about this unit’s price I was a bit shocked, but after having listened to the Euclid for multiple week, I can only say I am impressed.

Audeze Euclid

Sound Classics – Short


Bass perhaps is slightly elevated but not too much. Bass quality is impressive with excellent detail retrieval, good speed and gorgeous layering. Bass quantity is civilized but when called upon bass can pleasantly surprise you with its presence and impact. Bass also is really impressive with its tightness, impact and depth.

The bass reaches down low when needed, with a nice amount of sub presence. Overall bass has a fairly normal amount of body as said earlier. Bass is tight, fast, energetic and very engaging. For me The Euclid’s bass performance is technically strong.

For those who want a little more bass body the foam tips can bring the solution. With the silicon SpinFit tips though, you get the perfect mix of quality and quantity. So yeah, really impressive bass  from the Euclid, excellent tuning.

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  • Reply June 8, 2021

    Michael Koller

    Interesting – how does it compare with the following: a) Obravo EAMT and b) Cupid. Also interesting would be a comparison with CA Solaris
    Thanks Michael

  • Reply June 8, 2021

    Jeremy H

    Thanks for your review. Can’t wait to have the opportunity to try those one day. Do you have a Campfire Solaris to compare to? That’s one I liked a lot when I tested them, and it’s on my list of IEM to buy when money is not a problem anymore… But I am a full size Audeze owner, and those may be a good fit for both the sound signature and for my pocket (after emptying it of my money of course).

  • Reply June 9, 2021

    Tark P

    The open-back-like soundstaging is very surprising given the size of these. I wish the Reveal+ plugin wasn’t so expensive. I’m curious as to how much the soundstaging changes on the Euclid’s by the use of the head-related transfer function.

    Can you please compare them to the Audeze i3/i4? It seems like the driver miniaturization is a progression from that model. What do you make of the Cypher(DSP) tech not being used in this model?

  • Reply June 13, 2021

    deniz eylül parlak

    hey lieven can u compare it with xelento ?

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