AudioQuest Giveaway Winners!

In this short article we reveal the winners of the AudioQuest Survey and giveaway!


EDIT: This prize draw linked to this survey is no longer online, but you can still complete the form if you feel like it. Go here:

AudioQuest Survey Winners

AudioQuest and HFN promised to give away some prizes to those who fully completed the survey in a decent way, and AudioQuest has chosen the winners!


First of all we’d like to thank everyone for filling out the survey. We’re still processing the hundreds of replies but we’re very happy with the info you have provided. So thanks!

As a quick reminder: the prizes are the following:

– 5 x AudioQuest DragonFly RED
– 3 x AudioQuest DragonFly Cobalt
– 1 x €/$500 Euro/USD to spend on AudioQuest cables of your choice for your system. (AudioQuest interconnects, power cables, digital cables, etc…)


And the winners are:

AudioQuest Dragon Fly RED

  1. Catherine Sullivan
  2. Hernan Lopez
  3. Michelle Douglas
  4. Michael FLynn
  5. Renz Estaris

AudioQuest DragonFly Cobalt

  1. Mark Arsenault
  2. Eric Petersen
  3. Matt Lynch

AudioQuest $/€ 500 Cables

  1. Stephen Caudwell

Congratulations to the winners!

AudioQuest will be contacting you shortly via the email address that you have provided. So keep an eye out for their email.

Let us know in the comments what you would like us to give away next!


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