AudioSense DT200 Review

AudioSense DT200

Sound performance



Sensitivity / Hiss 

Impedance is low, sensitivity is low and once you add those specs, you end up with a mildly sensitive IEM, that can be powered from a smartphone but will shine only once hooked on a good DAC.

There is some hiss with badly grounded sources, but that’s more than bearable. Once you’ve launched your music, all of that annoying buzz will immediately disappear. Hurray!

AudioSense DT200


AudioSense DT200 + FiiO M15 : a killer team. Sure, pairing a $1400 DAP with a $150 IEM isn’t exactly fair, but this is one of the best sources I could hear with the DT200. Wonderful sense of space, pin-point layering, and sharp sound every time. A superb combination for anyone who likes strange duo.

AudioSense DT200 + NuPrime Hi-mDAC: pocket-sized bliss. I can’t praise enough the Hi-mDAC, a DAC that I use daily since the day I got one. If you want to get that sweet wow effect but don’t want to break the bank, this is my top choice at the moment: beefy bass, good vocals and clean highs on the go, or on your computer.

AudioSense DT200 + Shanling M6 Pro: business class. The Shanling M6 Pro is one of the best DAP in its price range, giving the FiiO M11 Pro a real contender. It’s a great combo, lacking a tad bit of fun, but nothing that can’t be fixed with a slight bump in the low-mids.

AudioSense DT200


Want to compare with other chi-fi gears? Voila :

Fearless Crystal Pearl: the Crystal Pearl is also a 2 BA IEM, sold for less than $150. Although similar in terms of specs, it sounds very different, with thinner lows and more engaging voices. I personally prefer the DT200 who’s giving me a better experience over time.

BGVP DM6: head to head, the BGVP delivers more micro-details at the same volume level. Yet, I’m once again favoring the AudioSense lows, as I find them more refined, and also deeper. Above all, the DM6 sounds more technical and the DT200 more organic. A tough choice!

TinHifi P1: a very different animal if you compare the two IEM. The P1 easily takes the lead in terms of speed and pressure… with the proper source. With a good DAP like the M15, I’d favor the P1, but paired with the Encore mDSD or FiiO M3 Pro, the DT200 sounded less tense and overturned the tide.

Audiosense DT200

AudioSense DT200


The AudioSense DT200 are great IEM, in every way.

If I didn’t expect much from those ears at first, I was immediately hooked on the moment I put them in my ears. The DT200 sounds and feels like a major in-ear: deep bass, clean mids, and sharp highs, with just two drivers. Honestly, this is one of the best dual-driver / dual-way IEM I ever encountered, for now.

And what’s even more surprising, is the fact that AudioSense achieves this level of performance, and production, at such a low price.  To sum it up, in terms of technical performance, it’s hard not to acknowledge the DT200.

AudioSense really made an amazing work here, and I’m pretty happy to be surprised by a new IEM, even after all those years.

A must-have if you’re searching a good sub-$150 BA IEM.

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