AudioSense DT600 Review

Audiosense DT600

Sound performances


Highs: perfectly balanced. Never harsh, never boring, the AudioSense DT600 gives superb results here, outshining the prior one by quite a wide margin. It sounds natural, ASDR is great and if you can plug a good source like the Shanling M6 Pro 21 or a FiiO M11 Plus LTD, the result shall blow your mind. Or so I hope.

Good test-track: Nutmeg – Infected Mushroom

Mediums: mellow and rich. Excellent soundstage and clean mids make for excellent voice rendering. The definition level is as good as what you get from popular brands like FiiO or BGVP. Lush, warm jazzy diva immediately immerse you into their world, and once you’re taken, it’s hard to leave.

Good test-track: The Fire.- Cogitation

Bass: deep, fast, powerful. Easily the forte of the DT600, the lows are the pillar of all the great things that happens upfront. I was deeply impressed by the DT200 and the DT600 managed to surpass my expectations. It’s kinda bass-headed to be fair, but I like/love that.

Good test-track: Wicked Games – Ramin Djawadi (from Westworld)



AudioSense DT600 + Astell&Kern SE180: a killer team. Sure, pairing an $1800 DAP with a $250 IEM can look overwhelming, but at the moment, this is one of the best sources I own. Together, the set gives everything you can ask from a portable set: a wonderful sense of space, pin-point layering, sharp sound, and lots, lots, lots of details. A superb combination that will blow your mind.

AudioSense DT600 + EarMen Sparrow: pocket-sized bliss. The Sparrow is one of my favorite DAC of the moment: it’s light, well-built, surprisingly powerful through its balanced output, and delightfully sharp. Combined with the DT600 you won’t get the same wow effect as with the SE180, but you won’t break the bank and keep a very high level of definition, especially with Hi-Res tracks.

AudioSense DT600 + iBasso DX300: business class. The DX300 is a detail monster, able to magnify even the stealthiest whisper of a track while keeping enough air not to make the sound bland. Paired with the DT600, you get a great combo, lacking a tad bit of fun, but pushing a lot of magic thanks to Hi-Res offers like Amazon, Apple or Qobuz.



The AudioSense DT600 are excellent IEMs, in every way.

Once again, I was immediately hooked on the moment I put them in my ears. Everything that I liked in the DT200 is here, but better. Deep lows, clean highs, and lush voices, with the right level of sharpness and superb design. It completely won me over and those are now my new dark horse, hidden behind popular options, ready to jump over.

Quickly and simply, for $250, it’s my new recommendation. Voila! Our full list of recommendations can be found here:


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  • Reply August 6, 2021


    Hello NanoTechnos,
    many thanks for your review!

    I’m torn between these (which are still hard to buy) and the BGVP DM8. It seems the DT600 would have a better bass extension, and maybe a more lively character. Right?

    I’m looking something with a neutral (but not liveless, boring) character which could accompany my ME500 (which I find too shouty sometimes).

    The DM8 should fit, but maybe the DT600 would be more satisfying (I’m not a basshead).

    Source would be a M5s (on a balanced cable) which I find excellent.

    Many thanks for your advice! (in case you’ve tested the DM8)

  • Reply September 21, 2023


    Really enjoyed this, and decided to give it a try!
    Refreshing to see someone write about sound isolation. I use my IEMs for commuting and don’t get it when a reviewer doesn’t consider isolation.


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