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BGVP DM7 + FiiO M6 : the perfect lightweight combo, every one should have one of these in their pocket. The Sabre DAC gives plenty of dynamics and the DM7 shines in this regard. You’ll be amazed by how much sound you can get from such a tiny setup.
BGVP DM7 + A&K SR15 : this is the most coherent setup I could make up for a sub-1000€ pack. The Astell&Kern extracts a lot of details from the DM7, all thanks to the exceptional dynamics this little player can offer. Go for the balanced output if you want to get the best performances.
BGVP DM7 + Cowon Plenue D2 : I’ve already said it in my Cowon Plenue D2 review : the Jet-Effect is the only DSP I would praise hands down. Activate the Mach3Bass and you’re in for one hell of a trip, especially with the BGVP DM7.


BGVP DMG : the DM7 is better in every way. More details, better transients, wider sound stage, better isolation. The main advantage of the DMG is their aluminum housing, but apart from that…
BGVP DM6 : the DM6 are a great IEM, I’ll stick to my previous statement. The DM7 are just better, simple as that. If your budget is tight, stick to the DM6, but if you can go for the DM7 : go for it !
Fearless S6 Rui : the Fearless S6 are the best contender to the DM7. They are on par in terms of resolution, with better bass for the S6 and more spacious aeration for the DM7. It’s a serious fight but at the end of the day, it’s more a question of taste than performance.
FiiO FH5 : build quality of the FH5 is unmatched in this price range, the aluminum/magnesium is both sturdy and light. For the sound, the BGVP DM7 are still above the FiiO, especially for the mids and upper mids.


Again and again, BGVP keeps improving and the DM7 are the finest model they offer up to date. It’s a good improvement from the DM6, even if they both share the same sound signature. The improvements in the upper range really make a difference in the long term.

To be blunt: it’s better than the DM6 in every way. If the DM7 cost is 50% more than the DM6, that’s just 100$ more if you want the big picture and, in my opinion, this is more than fair. This is a serious IEM with a very high quality/price ratio. If the Fearless S6 Rui is too much bass-oriented for you, get the DM7, you won’t be disappointed.

So as a result the DM7 enters our BEST IEM LIST (universal) as it simply is a recommended buy

Thanks again to Linsoul for the sample, you can buy it from them right here:


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    • Reply May 20, 2019

      Howard Olsen

      This is a really great review and I’m grateful for the time and detail you put into it. I thought I’d float a question in hopes that you would respond. Of course “Which is better” questions are highly subjective but it seems our musical preferences seem to be similar. I’ve got a pair of SE535s that I have generally been happy with and have been contemplating and “upgrade” to the 835s, but then come along these DM7s. In my research I find several comparisons between the 835s and the Etymotic ER4XR …. so now I have decided I’m going to get a new set of IEMs and convert my 535s to BT …… If you could only have 1 IEM and your choice was the ER4XR, DM7 or SE835 which would it be? I think we’ve reached the place where price can no longer be considered an indicator of SQ (at least in this $300 to $800 range). Thanks

    • Reply June 2, 2019

      Joenel Salvador

      Using the DM7 for a few days now. I love it more than the Andromedas.

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