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For this review, I mostly used my iPhone as a source. This IEM is made for travel and commuting, so it doesn’t really make sense to connect a high-end DAP to them, or a domestic source.

That said, I connected my FiiO M11 in Bluetooth and cable, to check if it really makes a difference. Most files used were FLAC 16bits/44kHz, streamed from Spotify / Amazon Prime, or from internal storage.

Overall signature

Time after time, BGVP continues to surprise me. In a good way.

As I said, I’m not new to TWS IEMs, and if I like the practicality offered by ditching the wires, the sound was never… amazing to say the least. Thankfully, since the end of last year, we are enjoying a whole new generation of in-ears, pushed by the major, commercial success, that is the Apple AirPods.


In short: the BGVP Q2 are the best wireless IEMs I tried for now. The soundstage is amazingly wide, layering is excellent, it’s never harsh or sibilant, and the lightly W-shaped sound signature makes them very pleasant on long trips.

Mids and highs are, by far, the selling point of this model. No other wireless IEM showed me this level of performance. It’s crisp, clear and always on point, with voices never veiled by the other instruments. It’s not life-like, but paired with the fast decay, we are not so far anymore.

Bass is shyer than I expected, but when you come from the Jays M-Seven, any earphone seems shy. On my first listening, I put Way Down We Go from Kaleo, and I never had this unpleasant saturation that can occur with analytics IEM. Yet, the Q2 still managed to distillate all the nuance, piece by piece, in Bluetooth!

Dynamics are good, but not amazing either. This is clearly a limitation of the DSP, as the Q2 seems much more relaxed once connected through a more classical wired connection. Paired with the FiiO M11 (wired) you get a wider dynamic range, but some magic is lost in the process. The IEM sounds duller, with recessed voices, but tighter bass. Personally, I’d go for the “classic” experience, but that’s up to you at this point.

Speed is good, transients are fast but if you push complex tracks, the BGVP Q2 remains inferior to its wired counterparts, such as the DMG or DM6. But, that’s a trade-off I’m willing to accept for two reasons: the Q2 is cheaper and the wireless support really makes a difference on the go.

If BGVP could add an apt-X HD or LDAC supports, that may make some improvements. But still, for the moment, this is the best wireless IEM I heard.


Highs : perfectly tuned. BGVP has been working with Knowles for quite a whiskey now, with great results. The Q2 exhibits rich treble with good extension and amazing balance for a TWS. Layering is great and the decay outperforms its direct competitor with ease, displaying this uncanny wide soundstage. Clearly, the engineers nailed the DSP tuning.

Good test-track : Strobe Lights (feat. Kilian & Jo) – Henry Green remix

Mediums : spacious and airy. The BGVP Q2 isn’t showing off, the voices just slide naturally and the overall presentation isn’t vastly different from the DM6. There is a slight bump in the low and high mids, but nothing extravagant, just enough to accentuate the good points. Voices never seem shrouded or cloaked, which is my main complaint with TWS usually.

Good test-track Way Down we go – Kaleo

Lows : with a good measure. The Q2 bass are like the highs : sharp, energetic but never overwhelming. There are better options here, with deeper lows, but that doesn’t mean the IEM can’t handle electro track. It’s still very capable, yet less flamboyant than the M-Seven for example, but also much more in control. Again, the spaciousness is outstanding for a TWS, much better than any model I tried up to this day.

Good test-Track : To the Moon and Back – Boris Brejcha

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  • Reply January 23, 2020

    David Becker

    You say that there is no cable included but you have a photo of it with the other included accessories. I have a Q2 as well and it came with the same black braided MMCX cable.

  • Reply February 16, 2020


    Is there anyplace else to purchase this besides Drop???

  • Reply February 16, 2020

    Jonathan Bernabe

    How do they perform when watching videos? Do you get any latency?

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