Blog: High End Munich 2017 – Picture Report Part 1


Lots of toys over at the Beyerdynamic stand. This year Beyer chose to use nothing but their A2 amps where they at Canjam Europe were using mostly A20 amps.

New from Beyerdynamic was their Impacto portable headphone amp/DAC

A lot of the attention to the Beyerdynamic booth also went to the Amiron which we reviewed as the very first.

Of course there also were several sets of the T1.2 and the Xelento IEM, both in wireless and wired form. Basically these are exactly the same sound wise.

It was my first time listening to the Xelento and I can completely see now why Nathan loves it so much. What a wonderful sound! It wasn’t easy getting a good seal but once I did, the Xelento quickly won me over.


Bryston this year wasn’t really focusing on headphones either and the biggest attraction at their booth was the huge espresso machine they installed. So basically everyone was talking about their coffee … I found this BHA-1, in the back of their booth though. I’ve always wanted to review it but Bryston never answered our emails, so yeah. Coffee!


Ok, this isn’t personal audio related but have you ever listened to a Burmester in car stereo system? The system itself isn’t that expensive either, the problem is you need to buy the Mercedes, Porsche or Bugatti that goes with it.


I’m always glad finding Burson amplifiers at shows but this year there weren’t too many as Burson has been focusing more on cables and OPAMP rolling gear.

Cambridge Audio

I’m not the biggest fan of Cambridge Audio but I did really like the typical English bus they drove over.

Chord Electronics

Chord has been releasing awesome sounding gear these last few years. Who hasn’t heard yet of their Hugo, TT, Mojo or Dave?

Dave of course sounds incredibly good but it’s not in my budget range. Luckily their excellent TT is

Most of the attention however went to the newest HUGO they launched a few months ago. I’m a big fan of the original Hugo but the new Hugo 2 looks and sounds even better. Thank you Chord! Soon on HFN!


With the popularity of the really good Mojo, it’s no surprise that a lot of people are interesting in the add-on Polly module Chord has been working on


The report continues on Page 4 with Nixie and a lot more brands! CLICK

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