Blog: High End Munich 2017 – Picture Report Part 1


I do like a pretty Nixie clock. Reading the time on tubes: What’s not great about that?! Well I’ll tell you: the price. At High End Munich these lovely – I’ll give them that – clocks were selling for several thousands of Euros. For just one clock that is.


I do like the good old Denon D7000 and it is one of my best friend’s favorite set of headphones. Denon with the D7200 now is back with a new version of that classic headphone. It’s just a shame they had it hidden way in the back of their room with no one giving it any attention.


The budget king returned to the High End show and this time even the big boss came along. It was nice meeting James for the first time after having worked with them for the last 9 years. Fiio  had a huge stand at the show showing all of their products

A lot of the visitor attention of course went to the Fiio DAPs with the X5III and X7 in particular

The X7 was shown in combination with the newest F5 IEMs

As I mentioned in last Wednesday’s article, Fiio will soon be releasing the Fiio X7.2 which basically is a mix of both of these DAPs. I can’t wait to get my hands on it. Sorry but no pics were allowed.

Final Audio

Final Audio has been making some really good gear and I still think they made one of the prettiest (sold out) 3D printed IEMs ever

My fav Final product however is the new $56 USD 1-driver IEM they are releasing now. The sound quality of this budget IEM is impressive for only one driver

Final also came with a new orthodynamic prototype to the show. In the picture you’ll see they used the housing of some of there other gear and both prototypes looked completely different. Sound wise however these already sounded really good


As we all know Focal has been heavily investing in headphones and their headphones could be seen all over the show in all the different halls. It just might have been the most popular brand together with Audeze. The $999 Elear is a high-end headphone with a great price quality ration and a lot of companies were using it to demo their amplifiers.

The Focal Utopia of course was very well represented but at $4K a unit it wasn’t that much used as the Elear. I absolutely love the Utopia’s sound, it’s just that $4K is a lot of money. It certainly is one of the very best headphones on the market today however.

If $4K isn’t enough for you, you can always order one of these Tournaire Utopia’s with diamonds and gold. Only €100.000! I didn’t get to listen to them though.


Mike, Headfonia’s founder, always was a huge Fostex fan and he even got invited to the factory once which was quite the honour. I still find the TH-900 one of the best closed headphones together with the Audeze LCD-XC

Fostex also is heavily in the the DAC/AMP and tube game and both their HP-A8 and HP-V8 sounded their very best

That HP-V8 sure looks and sounds wonderful. I just might have to get it for review…


More tomorrow on Part 2 of the High End Munich show report!

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