Blog: High End Munich 2017 – Picture Report Part 2



I was positively surprised to see that so many companies were using the Lotoo DAPs to demo their headphones. They do sound great!


Not really personal audio related but the McIntosh room was really dark and they had dozens of their typical blue window amplifiers in their. Prettiest room of the show?

Metaxas & Sins

I’ve been a fan of the eccentric Marquis amplifier ever since it was released. A lot of people told me they didn’t like the design but the fact is that these amps spread all over the booths during the 4 days of the show. And don’t you just love how the eyes are the meters?

You can see the meters in action here:

Meze Audio

Meze actually was the first booth I stopped at. IT’s always a pleasure seeing Lorand and his colleagues. Of course Meze was showing of their 99 CLassics and 99 NEO but they also had all their IEMs on display

They also were so kind to show us a prototype of an upcoming new IEM. The shell is injection molded and it sounded really good already although they weren’t sure yet about the final tuning. Compared to the other Meze units it was a little less bass heavy, something I didn’t expect but really liked

Mr. Speakers

For some reason getting gear from Mr. Speakers for review isn’t easy for us. I finally got the chance to listen to their latest Aeon and the Closed Ether Flow.

I personally liked the Aeon over the Ether Flow C but the show was very noisy and the amplifier used wasn’t driving these properly


Design-wise the Manhattan II DAC/AMP to my was the prettiest unit at the show.

Mytek of course was also showing their new Brooklyn DAC but I just had to make a picture of the Manhatten II with the see-through cover instead.

Obravo, Onkyo and many other on the NEXT PAGE

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  • Reply May 28, 2017


    I believe the colorful Onkyo earphones on display are not universal IEMs, but rather the demo units for their own line of custom IEMs.

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