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Last year the Obravo EAMT-1A won our 2016 universal IEM award and until I went to Munich it was one of the very best IEMs I ever listened to. Then David let me listen to his new flagship the Ra…

The new Ra starts at about $8K and it will get you the normal aluminum version with the ceramic tip. Then I listened to the titanium version and that sounded even better. The blue body looks gorgeous as well.

Sound wise, my favourite version however was the copper version. My wallet however is scared already as it will set you back $10K. USD that is. Auch.


Onkyo of course was showing off their DAPs like the DP-X1 and the XDP-100R

They also had their new IEMs on display but I unfortunately didn’t get to listen to them


Oppo was showing their usual stuff which we’ve covered several times already. It was nice to see the inside of the HA-2SE though

The PM3 is a lot of people’s favorite closed headphone


Oriolus officially wasn’t at the show but I did get to borrow their new portable amps and DAC for a day to try them out.

I didn’t really like the NT-1 with my warbler Prelude but their BD-10 CEIBA and BA-10 OAK (DAC) sounded awesome. These are in the same league as the CypherLabs and Vorzuge units. Keep an eye on these!

Plugs and cables

If you like power and any other cables and you’re in to plugs and accessories, then High End Munich is THE place to be. The brand featured here is Fonica Acoustics

I do not want to know the price of that power cable… Plugs anyone?

Same goes for Inter Connects: they’re everywhere in all kind of shapes

Project Audio and many more on the next page of the show report . Click HERE

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  • Reply May 28, 2017


    I believe the colorful Onkyo earphones on display are not universal IEMs, but rather the demo units for their own line of custom IEMs.

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