Blog: High End Munich 2017 – Picture Report Part 2


Project Audio & Box Design

Our Austrian friends from Project surely had the biggest stand of the show. That’s no surprise as they have dozens of different turntables, amps, etc etc etc. I particularly liked this Limited Beatles Edition TT

Another great one was the TT that was made out of musical instruments

Project of course also showed everyone their Box Design units and we’ll actually be featuring both of these on HFN very soon (Dac Box DS2 ultra & Head Box DS2 B)


The QP2R is Questyle’s newest DAP and it of course had a central spot at their fully crammed booth

Just like Sony, Beyerdynamic and AK, Questyle likes to show how their units are being built

Of course Questyle was also displaying their new 600i

Which on the inside looks something like this

I still think a full Questyle setup looks very sexy


Not only the Sieveking headphone stands were popular at the show, but the German Rooms brand is getting popular each day


Compared to their normal booth, Sennheiser this time didn’t bring a lot of product to Munich. Their main focus was on the HD800S and the brand new HDVD820. They did bring the HE-1 with them though, so they do get extra credits for that.

I was surprised to see the latest HDR-185 wireless headphone at the show though, I quite liked them.


Shure, Sony and many more on the last page of the 2017 show report! HERE

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  • Reply May 28, 2017


    I believe the colorful Onkyo earphones on display are not universal IEMs, but rather the demo units for their own line of custom IEMs.

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