Blog: High End Munich & Canjam Europe 2018 – Picture Report Part 2

Lehmann Audio

Top German quality! Mr. Lehmann has proven to be great engineer and they have many successful amps in their collection

Most interesting to me was the fact that the Drachenfels DAC now finally is available. You can install it in your Drachenfels yourself, and you just need to replace the back plate


I really wanted to see and try the new Lotoo PAW Gold Touch and so I arranged a meeting with someone who had an engineering sample.

I have to admit the unit really impressed

Linear Tube Audio (LTA)

Nathan really liked the MZ2-S headphone amp but here LTA was showing the MicroZOTL preamplifier


Not what I would call audiophile quality, but I’m always happy to see people in the streets using them. It’s better than some other brands for sure


Nice people, impressive booth, impressive gear. Of course the Meze team brought some of their classics (pun intended) but the most attention went to the new IEMs and the Empyrean

They had a separate listening booth where you could listen to different versions of the Empyrean

It was the first time I sat down with the Empyrean but it really blew my away in combination with the Chord DAVE amp. I liked it a bit less with the Cayin 300B amp and it preferred the Nimbus over it


How beautiful is that headphone!!

It’s on my TO GET list for sure.

Meze was also displaying their new IEM flagship at the same time, but because of the Empyrean it just didn’t get as much attention.

The flagship IEM’s tuning is final now but they’re not sure yet about its look


I really have to get back to these guys from Italy. I promised them a review of their beautiful amp, but I just haven’t found the time to do so

Mr. Speakers

I don’t like all of the Mr. Speakers headphones but he has some really really good ones though. The proof of that is that you could see them everywhere at the show, that says enough

My personal favorite?

The Ether Flow! No, that’s not my arm.

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  • Reply May 27, 2018


    Did you listen to the Questyle CMA400i? Hearing a lot of praise about it, but sadly no comment from you under the picture 🙁

    • Reply December 31, 2018


      It is warmer and less offensive than the cma600i. But I am not a fan of questyle amps.

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