Blog: High End Munich & Canjam Europe 2018 – Picture Report Part 2


The AKG K1000 successor which we reported about already. I got to listen to it again on the WA11 and oh yes, it’s nice.

Have you ever seen the Mysphere case btw?


Good DAC/AMP combos and great design, that’s what Mytek stands for

The Brooklyn DAC + really deserves to be covered on HFN


Nimbus is a new brand from Fried Reim, so it’s a new brand just like Lake People and Violectric.

The Nimbus will come in different versions as well, just like the V280 and V281

I myself will be going for the balanced version of course. Price? No idea.


We only recently reviewed the oBravo Ra C Cu, yes that very expensive universal IEM. oBravo had a whole lot more to show though

I spent most of my time with the new full sized prototype

You can actually take off the face plate and adjust the bass levels


The OPUS 1, 2 and 3 DAPs were all there as well


Always very impressive

Or do you prefer a full stack?


The Master-1 isn’t my all time fav headphone but you should listen to it if you ever get the chance

Of course Pioneer and Onkyo were showing a whole series of headphones and portable players

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  • Reply May 27, 2018


    Did you listen to the Questyle CMA400i? Hearing a lot of praise about it, but sadly no comment from you under the picture 🙁

    • Reply December 31, 2018


      It is warmer and less offensive than the cma600i. But I am not a fan of questyle amps.

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