Canjam Essen ’15: Pleasure Overload – Part 3


Stax reference
Stax Setup

The Stax experience is unique. I don’t think I’ll ever buy a setup but each time I can listen to the 009, I will. I spent quite some time listening to the demo setup and I wasn’t the only one. Stax is popular like never before.


Tape 2

This just might get my award for the prettiest gear at the show. Both these players looked so lovely and it’s safe to say I now secretly want one. Don’t tell the misses. I did kind of forget the name of the company that brought them. Scuzi.



I have to give the Teufel guys credit for bringing the coolest free gadgets to the show. Oh and they had headphones to show too!


Ultrasone 1

You like them or you don’t, it’s that easy. Their booth always looked quite messy and that means a lot of people went to listen to them. For some reason I just can’t get a connection to their sound. Maybe that’ll change one day. Maybe.

Unique Melody

UM Maestro

A friend of mine introduced me to the UM team and I listen to several of their demo models. UM is looking to expand in Europe which explains why they were at the show all the way from China. I had a nice chat with the boys and girl and I can already say we will be reviewing the latest TOTL 12-driver custom, the Maestro. Exciting!


Valve 1
Valve 2
Valve 3

Is there anything cooler than vacuum tubes? I have a couple of tube amps at home and over the years my collection of tubes has rapidly grown (it’s addictive!). The amps shown at the show – Mal valve and Audio Valve – all looked and sounded stunning.


Violectric V850

The German based company makes great gear, it’s that simple. I have owned, reviewed and bought their V100, V200, V800, V281 and the PPA V600. And then there’s the Lake People line of products as well of which Dave reviewed some. I spent quite a while talking to Fried during and after the show and I took their new DAC, the V850 home with me for review. I can already say the new V850 sounds incredible but don’t be expecting DSD. Keep your eye on Violectric in 2016, there is some cool stuff coming up…



Is it me or has it gotten more quiet around V-Moda? Val wasn’t at the show this year but his products were well represented. I know a lot of people who love the M100 and the smaller XS isn’t bad either. I wonder if they will ever release a high end model.



A small and simple setup at the show but do we need more?


Xivero 2 Xivero 1

This probably is a company not everyone is familiar with. Xivero actually make software that among other help you check the quality of your high resolution audio files. this software was mostly used by professionals in the past but with the increased popularity of high resolution downloads, the software is now available for consumers as well. I have played with it at for a while already and sometimes you discover really interesting things. They also just released new software that allows you to add your own cross-feed to your tracks. I played a little with it during the show and the results were remarkable indeed. Definitely something to check out if you have a lot og high res files in your collection.


Canjam Great Gear

We’re almost at the end of this report. Canjam 2015, again, was superb and I had a great weekend. Like I said it is almost impossible to cover all the brands and gear. Sorry to those who didn’t see me at their booth and those whose pictures aren’t in the report.  I’ll make up for it next year.

And remember: Audiophiles…do it in the earhole


See you next year!


Lieven is living in Europe and he's the leader of the gang. He's running Headfonia as a side project next to his full time day job in Digital Marketing & Consultancy. He's a big fan of tube amps and custom inear monitors and has published hundreds of product reviews over the years.


  • Reply October 3, 2015

    Rasmus Horn

    I had a great day and it is always a pleasure to hear new gear and to re-discover old gear. At least a few new products have been written on my future wishlist after CanJam: Beyerdynamic DT-1770 Pro, Cosmic Ears CE6P (thanks Lieven), Stagediver SD2.

    I also decided to have my Meier Corda Classic and Daccord upgraded to the new ff-versions. My amp and DAC are already handed over to Jan Meier now I can’t wait for the upgrades to arrive at home.

    Nice to meet and greet all of you there too. 🙂

    • Reply October 3, 2015


      It was nice meeting you too Rasmus, because of you I will now be doing Meier’s portable amp (already have it with me). His FF amps were amazing, I loved them too.

      Let me know something if you want to go for the CE 😉

      • Reply October 5, 2015

        Rasmus Horn

        Well – at some point it will be either the CE6P or the UERM. 🙂 An Apple Watch, the Meier ff-versions and a speeding ticket set me back for at least some time to come….

    • Reply October 3, 2015

      Nickjan Glas

      Too bad I missed you, but still enjoying your tip for the classic; also upgraded. Will be getting it this week. I m curious for your impressions of it.

      • Reply October 5, 2015

        Rasmus Horn

        Yeah. You could have met me at the Meier Audio stand 🙂 I spend some time there to compare my old Classic+Daccord to the new ff-versions. It took me some time to spot the differences so the change is not night and day. A more relaxed but fluent sound in the new ff-version. Like if a (very thin) veil is removed and the treble gets a bit softer. I am looking forward to see how my T5p responds to the change. Also sitting in the noisy environment at CanJam is not as easy as at home where it is much easier to find the details.

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