Shure SRH-840: Out of the Box

Finally comes the long awaited headphone from Shure. Along with the SRH-840, Shure also introduced two lower end models, the SRH-440, and the SRH-240,…

Sennheiser HD25-1 Balanced

Seeing how the HD650 was transformed by the Balanced Beta22, just for kicks I plugged the HD25-1 to the Beta22 using the same balanced…

Headphone Replicas

Replicas have invaded virtually all industries, from designer handbags to luxury watches, and now, to headphones as well.

Grado HF2

The HF2 has a very smooth and liquid sound. It’s like listening to a smooth vacuum tube amp (although we were using a solid-state Beta22 amplifier). Although the MS-Pro has a smooth sound, the HF2 is even smoother. No other Grado sounds like it; not the HP1000, not the RS1, and definitely not the GS1000.