ddHiFi Janus2 (E2020B) Review


In this review, we take a look at the ddHiFi Janus2 (E2020B), an updated version of the brand dynamic IEM, available for $199.


Disclaimer: the ddHifi Janus was sent to us, free of charge, by the brand in exchange for our honest opinion. You can find them on their AliExpress, or your nearest dealer, it’s up to you.

About ddHiFi

Established in 2017, ddHifi is a modern brand of adapters, DAC, and more recently, earphones. Led by Demond Ding, a former member of FiiO and Oppo, the brand has gained some fame recently, and we were pleasantly surprised by their catalog, which held many quirky devices.

The company goals? 

“To use concise and brief design language to make user-friendly accessory products, abandon any decorative design that is irrelevant to practical usage and pay more attention to product material and craftsmanship details with cost-controlled”

Or in simple terms: good products, at an affordable price. Which is equal to chi-fi if you want the short version. 

Last time, we reviewed the E2020A (Janus) a quirky one with a dual-socket system, a good but can-do-better IEM, which left us curious about if the brand could raise the bard. And today, we have the chance of getting our hand on the new Janus2 (E2020B), advertised as the same-looking, but very different model.

Let’s check it out.


The ddHiFi Series

ddHiFi Janus (E2020A)

Last time, we could only tell you about the brand DAC and dongles range. But since, ddHiFi brought us the 2020A, their first IEM, with a twist. If inside, we found a very classic dynamic driver, on the outside, the ear came with a symmetric design, and no less than two different socket – 0.78mm and MMCX.

Thanks to that, the ddHiFi E2020A/Janus was able to accept every type of cable, whether you prefer the 2-pin socket, or mini-BNC one. A clever trick! Sound-wise, the IEM sounded surprisingly good for a first try, but poor isolation had drastic consequences on the final render.

Here is a quote from our review:

Sound quality is very good with a neutral signature, recalling Etymotic, with lesser highs, and paired with a small DAC like the Sparrow or even ddHiFi’s own dongles, the IEM is able to carry you over the day. Yet, all of those feats only work if you can find a quiet room, as those ears fell short in terms of isolation. If you like open/airy IEMs, this is a great solution, but if not, you’ve been warned.

Read the full review here.

ddHiFi TC25i/TC28i

The TC25i and TC28i are two dongles specially designed for iOS users. If the latter works as an adapter to convert your Lightning port to a USB-C port, the TC25i is a full-fledged DAC/AMP, in the smallest size you can get. Also, the TC25i gets a 2.5mm port, and that’s pretty cool.

ddhifi-tc25i-tc28i-headfonia-review (2)

A quick quote from our review

In my opinion, every audiophile, iPhone users, should have a ddHifi TC28i on its to-go list. It’s a simple but sturdy solution that allows you to plug every DAC/AMP you have, into the one device you carry everywhere. I tried countless 8-pin adapters and almost one out of two had issues once connected to my iPhone, but that never was the case here

Read our full review here.

ddHiFi TC35i/TC35B

The TC35i and TC35B are two of the tiniest USB-DAC you can get for iOS and Android. It’s super short, super well-built, and comes handy in lots of situations, when you just want to enjoy your music on the go. I use both daily and it’s pretty awesome.

The brand recently changed those models with a new case, made of aluminum instead of stainless steel. Some will miss the weight of the steel, others will prefer the lightness of the blue-tinted aluminum, but, inside, you’ll find the same Realtek chip. And that’s good news.

ddhifi tc35i tc35b headfonia

A quick peek at our review:

The ddHifi TC35i and TC35b are neat little DACs that will fit nicely in every pocket. Sound quality is good, build quality is outstanding and the minimal conception makes them the perfect companion on the go.

Read our full review here.

ddHiFi TC35 Pro

The TC35 Pro is, as the name says, an upper version of the classic TC35. Not only does it come with a better chip (a Sabre ES9281AC), it also comes in three different “flavors”, to match your gear: 

  • Mountain, if you just want a plug&play solution for your phone
  • Eye, if you’re more of a dongle guy/gal, in case you’re more into CCK revival
  • Tetris, if you like very quirky devices

ddHifi TC35 Pro Eye Tetris Mountain

We reviewed them and here are our thoughts: 

The new ddHifi TC35 Pro model don’t only look great but they for sure are quite a step up compared to what you’re used to hearing from your phone or laptop. Good sound for a little price, what’s not to like?

Read our full review here

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