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The EM64 brings together the best of EarSonics « big driver » In-Ears range.
The EM64 is able to handle power and provide maximal sound performance as the EM3-PRO does. In addition to that, it has the rigor of the EM32 in terms of spectrum control, handling all the dynamic signals that characterize the live music listening.


The EM64 provides a full rich sound throughout the whole spectrum with a foreground presence effect for an incredible LIVE experience. The sound is balanced, natural and musical. It has all the ingredients that made the success of EarSonics: organic and warm lows, processed mids and mastered high-mids, with full control of harshness even at high volume levels.
The highs are textured and fine with rich harmonics, giving a clear and airy feel.


The new EM64 features the company’s exclusive “Truewave” system, a three asymmetrical output cannula topped by a mono-brass bell, all leading to optimal phase control and a prime magnitude coherence curve, offering 100% phase control and 100% frequency coherence.

The EM64 monitors feature 6 proprietary balanced armature drivers with a frequency response of 10hz to 20kHz and a 3-way passive crossover with impedance correction. The sensitivity is 127 dB/mW, with a DC resistance of 44 ohms.

Technical Specifications

Sensitivity: 127 dB/mW
Frequency response: 10 Hz -20 kHz
DCR: 44 ohms
Driver: 6 balanced armature drivers, HQ 3-way passive crossover with impedance corrector.


In contrary to a normal review I will use the same breakdown as I always do for my Custom Inear reviews:

  1. Build quality & Comfort
  2. Personalization
  3. Cable
  4. Price & Accessories
  5. Customer Service
  6. Sound
  7. Comparisons
  8. Synergy

1. Build quality & Comfort

The EM64’s size is small. Earsonics is ideally placing the 6 drivers on the inside, and as a result they can keep the earpieces really small. Great sound in a small package, it’s perfect for on stage.

The build quality of the EM64 is good but I did challenge them a little with the design and is was one of the very first custom samples. As a result the face plate closing and shell lucidity isn’t the very best they’ve ever done, but I’m 100% convinced the paid units will be super perfect as we’re used to from Earsonics. We’ve reviewed a lot of Earsonics monitors over the years and this probably is the first time I’m a bit critical on the build quality. The cable connectors are perfect and the inside construction of the monitor is perfectly symmetrical, though not as clean as we’re used to. You can however clearly see the Truewave acoustic structure on the inside, but it probably isn’t as visible in the pictures.

Again, I’m convinced that if you buy an Earsonics monitor it will be perfect – and our other reviews also prove that – but just looking at this EM64 sample here, it’s not the finest they’ve done.

The monitor, as usual, is 100% made in France and the comfort is really good. Earsonics used my impressions I sent in for the EM10 and as a result the fit, and thus the comfort is great. The canals are short and the fit is comfortable in the sense that it’s easy to put in your ears and take out. It’s not the tightest fit, but it’s what I prefer. That means you get a perfect seal with a casual feel: you don’t feel the monitors in your ears, they’re easy to insert and remove but always with a perfect seal. You can use them for hours without any discomfort, that’s just great.

2. Personalization

On the main order form, you can only choose the cable color and the internal and external color. You don’t really have a choice for the internal part as they call it. It’s always translucent, probably because of 3D-printing techniques. The external aka face plate color can be chosen though. The color options are the following:

Next to that you can of course personalize the face plates and therefor you have to go to Earsonics’ Laser Engraving page in the shop, which will cost you an additional 30€. As you can see in the pictures you can upload your face plate design in high resolution, and then Earsonics will customize the face plates with that. This time I chose a Harley Davidson design with two of HD’s logos in white on a black face plate. People do seem to notice it and in the train I often see people staring at me, or well, my ears at least.

The earpiece shell itself is done in a translucent way to show off the new truewave system and the internal construction. The EM64 probably would have been prettier in full black, but then the Truewave system wouldn’t be visible.

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