Effect Audio Cable Impressions: Ares S 8W, Cadmus 8W, CODE 23, Cadmus FE, Cleopatra II OCTA

Today I share my overall impressions of five Effect Audio cables that were introduced recently. My impressions will cover the Ares S 8W (279$), Cadmus 8W (299$), CODE 23 (599$), Cadmus Founder’s Edition (999$), and Cleopatra II OCTA (1799$). This article is intended for audiophiles looking for the best cables on the market. 


Disclaimer: I received the Effect Audio cables free of charge in exchange for my honest opinion. 

About Effect Audio

Singaporean Effect Audio is a reputable manufacturer of audiophile cables, known for strong partnerships and high-quality products. Effect Audio is one of the first brands that comes to mind when fellow audiophiles ask me for cable recommendations. We have been reviewing their products since 2014.

Since 2021, EA has released a range of cables to suit different usage scenarios and budgets, with prices ranging from $179 to $4999. Their portfolio includes 18 different cables, including special editions.

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Signature Series 8W

Let’s start this article with the Signature Series. The new Signature Series from EA consisted of 3 new cables named Ares S, Cadmus, and Eros S. The previous series, called “Vogue Series,” has been completely refreshed, and I have written an article about the new Signature cables that you can check out below.

Now EA has updated the series with two 8-wire versions of the Ares S and Cadmus. The Eros S cable isn’t included since it was already an 8-wire cable. However, EA is coming up with an “anniversary” edition, which I’ll review next month.

The highlight of the new 8W series is that you now have double the amount of wires. That means more “power”, especially for the copper-made Ares S. We’ll see how these two 8W Signature cables perform in a minute.

Design & Quality – Ares S & Cadmus 8W Editions

The new Effect Audio cables’ strong point is the new design approach. EA chose to go with a minimalistic design with the Vogue Series, but I wasn’t too happy about it since the material quality felt a bit off and the cables lost a bit of appeal.

The new series completely changes the old impression. High-quality materials were used to craft the cables beautifully. The new y-split is the highlight with a perfect geometric design with brushed aluminium material. The new PVC coating is crisper and cleaner, allowing you to see the wires almost as if they’re naked. The build quality of the new cables is remarkable, which should be expected from EA. After the flimsy-looking Vogue Series, they have now fixed the new series with great quality materials and great finishing. The braiding of the new models has a perfect balance; not loose but not too tight either.


The memory wire area of the cables on the Ares S and Cadmus is quite thick since they have eight wires, but EA compensated that well enough with a fixed and soft memory wire area. It has a very soft touch to it, and the shape of this area is good, but I would’ve liked it a bit looser. It should open up with time though. After some listening time, you start to feel the weight of eight wires around your ears, but it’s kept to a minimum so it won’t ever get too uncomfortable. The cables feel very soft and great in the hand as well as on the ear. 

Of course, when you choose to go with an 8W cable you agree with a certain trade-off between comfort and performance. You, from the start, should expect less comfort and less elasticity, since these versions aren’t that much flexible compared to the standard Signature cables.

Packaging & Accessories

EA has recently released a new series of cables that have impressed users with their excellent presentation and add-ons. This is a significant improvement from their previous decisions, which lacked accessories. The Axiom IEM, for instance, did not include a single accessory, and the Chiron cable had a separate case, which was sold separately (although they reverted from that decision soon after).

However, with the new series, EA has spared no expense in providing users with a complete package. Each cable comes with EA’s ConX system, which was previously only included in higher-end cables. Additionally, users receive a dedicated carrying case for each cable, and a cable strap that can be used to tidy up the cable or close the case. Overall, EA has cut no corners with these new cables, which are sure to impress even the most discerning users.

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Page 3: Cadmus Founder’s Edition, Cleopatra II OCTA, Conclusion

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