Eletech Aeneid Review

Today we check out the newest flagship IEM cable from Eletech, the Eletech Aeneid which is priced at USD 2399.


Disclaimer: Eletech supplied the flagship Aeneid free of charge for this review. The review reflects my honest thoughts, as always. 

About Eletech

Eletech is a Singaporean boutique cable maker that just launched in late 2019. Their team of staff however has a long history in the industry. Co-founder Eric Chong has previously worked over at Effect Audio before he started his new journey.

Eletech Aeneid

Eletech aims to improve the quality of living through musical enjoyment.

Their products are divided into three main categories; Virtues, School of Athens, and Parnassus. Yes, Eletech’s portfolio has names full of Greek history and ancient literature. This is uniquely present in the model names, the styling of the cables, accessories, and the unboxing experience. Even the packages are shaped as ancient books which is very cool and authentic.

Eletech Aeneid

About Aeneid

The Eletech Aeneid is the latest flagship offering from the brand and it’s a successor to the Iliad. It might be viewed as a co-flagship too. You can enjoy the previous flagship’s review just below.

The Aeneid is the new and bold flagship of Eletech, consisting of OCC Bespoke Gold Plated Silver wires. This luxurious cable is the company’s latest effort to push the limits. Eletech claims that this model can only be made in limited quantities in a year.

Every piece of Aeneid take a painstaking great amount of effort and time.

Here are the cable’s specs for your pleasure:

  • 24 AWG Gauge
  • Hybrid Type-4 Litz Geometry
  • Flawless OCC Bespoke GPS
  • Maximus Efficiency Strand Geometry
  • Cryogenically Treated
  • Eletech Bespoke Solder
  • Eletech Customised Y-Split and Connectors
  • FlexiMax Insulation

Eletech Aeneid

Unboxing Experience

The market has advanced so much that it’s hard to comprehend I’m writing an unboxing experience about a cable. If somebody said that to me five or six years ago, I would’ve disregarded them. The evolution in the portable market is incredible. And Eletech is here to prove that. The Aeneid’s box provided me with one of the best unboxing experiences I’ve had. That includes all the products I received over the years.

The box itself is shaped like an ancient book. If you put it in a horizontal position and stuff it into your library, it would look like one. This ancient theme is Eletech’s unique approach and they carried it to their packaging as well as the cables. The box looks fabulous and when you touch it the soft feel is welcoming.

Eletech Aeneid

Inside the package, you’re faced with a slim cardboard box that holds the Eletech brochure and it has a lot of information about their products. It’s nice to see our 2020 award stamp on the Iliad’s page there. This cardboard box also has the limited edition number on it. Once you’re done looking at the brochure you see the purple carrying case. On the right side, you have a small column gift, a cool touch to the packaging. It looks like a chess piece.

The flashy carrying case is my favourite part of the package as it looks gorgeous and it’s also very practical. A lot of times when I pair a monitor with a thick cable, it’s very hard to put the pair in IEM’s stock case. Eletech eliminates that problem by providing its own so you can use it all the time with your monitors. It’s large enough to fit the cable nicely and compact enough to carry around. The case itself is very high quality and premium with stitched leather and gold looking zipper.


The Aeneid looks very flashy, especially with the gold-coloured y-split and jack. The split is based on the Colosseum which is a nice touch. The design however is a subjective topic, as you may prefer a subtler and more serious looking approach with your cable.

This assertive style is not for everyone. From its carrying case to the design elements, Aeneid smells luxurious and flex all around. This is all about your personal preference. Something like a Brise Audio cable would suit you better if you’re looking for a more professional look.

Eletech Aeneid

Build Quality & Ergonomics

Aeneid is a hell of a cable when comes to its build. The y-split and the jack are from brushed aluminium and gold details. Braiding is excellent too, not too loose but not too tight either. The chin slider is from Pentaconn, and that part itself is made from oxygen-free copper with a silver coating on top. That decision is for eliminating microphonics and providing good shielding.

One cool thing about the slider is that you can remove or attach it back with a hex key provided in the package. You may not use it if you wish so. That’s a nice feature to have because some people don’t use the slider at all. Some weight-saving never hurts.

Aeneid is also very flexible and its ergonomics is very good. It’s reasonably light for a flagship cable and very easy to use and manipulate. Especially, the flexibility is this cable’s best part when it comes to user experience. Sure, you can use lighter cables for better ergonomics, but for a flagship, I think this is the best balance between performance and ergonomics. It might be the best experience I’ve had with a flagship-grade cable in that regard. Excellent work.

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    They’ve must have used luxury snake oil in this USD 2399 cable.

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      Pink Floyd


    • Reply October 5, 2021


      Different people have different budgets. No one is forcing you to buy a high end cable, if you’re happy with a $5 USD one, go ahead and enjoy the heck out of it. But let people who enjoy these high end cables enjoy them.

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    if you really think you can hear any difference between audio cables you should consult a psychiatrist

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      And you might need to visit a nose, throat and ear specialist 😉

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