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Design & Build Quality


The Fearless Audio Crystal Pearl comes in various colors, black/purple/red-blue. It’s a nice match, the translucent shell allowing you to take a look at the heart of your IEM. Moreover, you cannot mix up the left and right anymore, since each of them displays its own color.

3D Printing is, as always, absolutely flawless. No bruises, no bubbles and even up close it’s identical to any top-tier IEM you can find out there. Customization is possible, but since the Crystal Pearl only costs 199$, it may raise the price by more than 20%. Your choice.

I really like translucent shells, especially the Crystal Pearl one, truly they deserve their name. Under the light, the acrylic magnifies the inner core and makes for a very, very, nice design. And, the cherry on top, they added a clear demarcation on the nozzle, so the tip won’t fall off no more. So right now, I can’t find anything to complain about… damn.

Build quality

Build quality is top-notch. Again.

The recessed socket may be an old 2-Pin one, it’s sturdy and will endure the worst treatment. The new nozzle is perfect now they’ve added a slit for a better fit and the build quality is… flawless. Compared to the DMG DM6/DM7 I tried a few weeks ago, I must say the Fearless Crystal Pearl feels a tad better in the hand, by a small margin, but better.

fearless audio crystal pearl coating

Fearless says the Crystal Pearl gets a few improvements compared to the previous models. The outer surface has been coated with a protective layer, named “EGGER”, supposedly softer to the touch. Honestly, I couldn’t feel any difference, but maybe you can.

Yet, once you wear them, you definitely feel that little something. Isolation is astounding and those little jewels are one of the best noise blockers I had in a long time. That alone is the proof of great craftsmanship, if one was still needed.

Bonus for the cable, it’s a bit thick but that’s the only shortcoming I could find.

Bundle and Comfort

Inside the box

If the Fearless S6 came in a plain paper box, the Crystal Pearl box is a little bit fancier. This has absolutely no sound consequences whatsoever, but like every gift, the wrap has a psychological impact.

To sum up, you have:

  • The Fearless Audio Crystal Pear
  • Six pairs of colored memory foam tips + 6 pairs of silicon spin fits
  • 1x 0.78mm 2-pin 8N OCC Silver Plated Cable
  • 1x pleather case
  • 1x warranty card

The Fearless Audio Crystal Pearl comes with one shiny box, made of blue pleather. It’s not the nicest case available, some may even say it looks vulgar, but it works ! I could

Last but not least, you also get a very clean metal card which displays all the information regarding warranty, contact and the name of the person who built your IEM.

Additional accessories

Like every custom manufacturer, Fearless Audio gives you a large range of options to customize your Crystal Pearl. From the color of the shell to the design of your faceplate, there are a lot of options available.

fearless audio crystal pearl various colors

The 2-Pin socket is a standard and you should not have any issue using aftermarket cables, if you would want to. I stuck with the default one, because I like it very much. Quick advice, check if your new cable fits the recessed socket, just to be sure.


Same game, same rules, same results : the Fearless Audio Crystal Pearl are amazingly comfy.

The semi-custom shape fits perfectly inside my ear, it takes the whole ear up to the cymba without being intrusive. It’s a bit less aggressive than real CIEMs so if you’re not confident enough to take CIEM, this could be a good option.

fearless audio crystal pearl comfort

Of course, the best option for maximum comfort would be to order them fully custom. If the ear impression is correctly taken, this ensures the best isolation and fit at all times. This also means you’ll have a hard time selling them and lending them to friends and family, your choice.

The cable is absolutely microphonic proof. Even though I’m not bothered by this kind of issue, I know most of you are more concerned, especially if you sport a beard. Another bonus point ? The stop for the ear tips. Even after multiple in/outs, I never lost any of them. Hurray !


Isolation is good with the basic tips and even better with memory foam. The Fearless Audio Crystal Pearl takes advantage of its acrylic shell to dampen unwanted sounds in all conditions. On my daily commute, it’s definitely a top choice in this regard, period.

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