Grado GT220 Review

As for the audio technology inside, Grado in-house tuned their custom drivers for this TWS and they chose polyethylene terephthalate full-range 8mm dynamic drivers for the job. Polyethylene terephthalate is the most recurrent thermoplastic polymer resin of the polyester family and is used in a wide range of applications. According to the dedicated page of the GT220, Grado aimed for a natural, relaxed sound signature with the use of this particular driver. We will talk about its SQ in the next chapter. As for the microphone setup, the GT220 features cVc, and each earphone has a microphone, aimed in the direction of the user’s mouth. The call quality is adequate and better than many TWS earphones of today. It manages to pass my voice without any major issues even in semi-crowded areas. Oh man, it is hard to find crowded cafes under pandemic circumstances.


Sound Signature

The Grado GT220 has a balanced signature with elevated bass response. I can’t just go label it “warm” like I could label Apollo Bold TWS but it’s not far off from that zone either. Bass has authority, midrange is sweet and bold whereas the treble response is somewhat controlled. The detail retrieval is excellent for a TWS, resolution impresses you right away. Despite it is a dynamic driver, it shows very good PRaT, manages to stay agile during multi-instrumental congestion-prone tracks and genres.

Low Region

Grado’s TWS has an authoritative bass response, it has good impact and it goes deep. It certainly boosts the fun factor of the IEM by a good margin. The GT220’s sub roll-off starts as early as 20hz so the subsonic area is not really heard, or felt. The texture of the bass is impressive, it can get quite powerful and you can deduce the layering quite easily compared to other TWS. The whole region is very controlled and detail-wise very impressive for a TWS. I really like the tuning of the lows altogether.


Tastefully tuned. I quite like what Grado did here, note thickness of the midrange is really good, along with the texture. I especially like Grado headphone midrange and I remember the very first time I heard Guns N’ Roses from a Grado PS500e, around 5 years ago. It was a delightful experience and the tonality of guitar really impressed me. I can’t forget listening to Money from Pink Floyd via a Grado RS1e, either. I felt subtle hints of that tonality with this Grado TWS and it made me quite happy. The midrange is delightfully tuned. It is meaty, resolving, and detailed. Vocals are breathy yet authoritative. Tonality-wise it is very impressive for a TWS. Upper mids are controlled but the extension is adequate.


The top octave is controlled, breathy, and delicate. The extension is adequate and the texture is sweet. Detail-retrieval is good, especially in the lower treble region. It does not feel particularly artificial and treble dependent instruments such as crashes and hi-hats do not feel unnatural. You can easily focus and track these instruments. It does not feel dry but it is not as vivid as the rest of the spectrum. It is rather gentle.

PRaT, Soundstage & Technical Capability

As I mentioned before, the Grado TWS features a good set of skills in this subject. Attack-decay is fast, the transients are rapid. This makes the GT220 a good all-rounder for the price as it can handle congestion, well. As for the headroom, it has a semi-wide soundstage with adequate depth. The instruments are positioned in a relaxed way and there is adequate air between the instruments. The background is black and I did not hear any hissing during my time with it. Resolution and detail retrieval is impressive for a TWS for the asking price. 

Last Words

Grado’s first TWS, the GT220,  features a rich & sweet sound signature and it is quite technically capable. It offers 36 hours of juice, a sleek and professional design. It unfortunately lacks high-res codecs such as the LDAC, LHDC, UAT & an IP certificate. The polycarbonate housing feels quite durable and looks very good in matte black. The fit and comfort are very good for my ears and the fact that it has wireless charging is just perfect.

Connectivity-wise, I think Grado did a stellar job, this is a proper true wireless stereo earphones that you won’t have any issues connecting, pairing or controlling. I think this is a marvelous start for Grado and to be honest, I am quite excited about what will we be seeing from them on the wireless market in the near future.

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    This the best TWS on the market right now.

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