Headfonia 2022 Awards Part 2

It’s time for our Headfonia 2022 Awards Part 2 now. After Lieven and Berkhan’s awards last Tuesday, now Yagiz and Nano reveal their selections!


Before starting with the 2022 Awards Part 2 of the personal awards, it’s time to announce the Headfonia Product of the Year Award!


2022 Awards Part 2

2022 Awards Part 2

The winner of the “Headfonia Product of the Year” award is the…..


Chord Electronics Mojo 2

Chord Electronics Mojo 2

From the review:

With the Mojo 2 Chord Electronics has an awesome and small all-in-one package that will please a lot of personal audio fans. The DSP functions and tuning options are really nice, but even without those activated, the Mojo 2 sounds absolutely impressive.


And now let’s get on to the awards of Yagiz and and Nano! Click here!

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