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HiBy WH3

Bluetooth Stability & Range


The HiBy WH3 features a Bluetooth chip from the semiconductor giant Qualcomm. QCC5121 features x2 32-bit Kalimba DSPs, cVc 8.0 support, aptX support, TWS+ support. Theoretically, via HiBy’s UAT technology, you can enjoy up to 1200 kbps bitrate, which is higher than the LDAC standard 990Kbps. More on this subject in the “UAT” section.

Moving on to range, earbuds offer good range rated at 10m. I can stroll around my 150m2 house, without any drop outs. It takes 3 concrete walls to disrupt the connection. That’s really good in my opinion.

As for the latency, I tried Android’s YouTube & Netflix app, no problems at all. In short, you will have no connectivity problems with the WH3.

HiBy WH3


HiBy’s WH3 is an interesting earphone. It is packed with features and I’ll try to talk about all of them. Before anything else, my favourite and perhaps the best feature, adjustable crossover. That is something new in the TWS industry. You can shape the sound more to your liking this way via the HiBy Blue app. You can actually type in numbers (where the split is going to happen between the dynamic and BA drivers) and control the division. If you want a more BA-like signature, you lower the value. If you want a more Dynamic-oriented signature, you simply raise it. Easy, right? Testing it yielded some interesting results and those will be discussed in the Sound section!

Moving on to the next feature, Qi Wireless Charging! Yes, the battery case supports wireless charging. It also supports fast charging via USB-C. I was very surprised how fast it was. Full charge took around 1 hour in my case. WH3 supports TWS+ and for the first time I have heard this much difference with TWS+. You can toggle it via the HiBy Blue app if you have a SD845 or better processor on your phone. TWS+ is basically allows the user to seamlessly swap between the earbud connected to the smartphone and the earbud that mirrors the connection. This means it automatically optimizes the master/slave feature and saves battery. During my testing however, I found out that amplitude level is much higher when TWS+ toggled on. You should definitely try it.

HiBy WH3


UAT stands for Ultra Audio Transmission and it is a codec researched and developed by HiBy Music. It is implemented in many HiBy DAPs, allowing the user to transmit data at 1200kbps. As you can see, it is developed by HiBy to overcome the down-sampling problem. It is already superior to LDAC and LHDC. UAT supports any Android mobile phone with HiBy Music app. However, WH3’s UAT support is currently only limited to HiBy players. HiBy will release a firmware that lets you use UAT with your phone in the future.


As you can see in the diagram, each earphone features twin Kalimba DSP and separate AMP for both of the driver units. It is absurdly loud at 125mW for each earpiece. I hear many audiophiles who just love the sound signature of their TWS but think the amplitude is just too weak sometimes. I hear you guys. Sometimes we just want to crank up the volume and feel the music oozing through our veins. Thr HiBy WH3 lets you do exactly that with its proprietary design.

HiBy WH3

Microphone & Call Quality

First off, WH3 Supports the 8th gen CVC (Clear Voice Capture) technology. HiBy opted for the rod design to increase mic acoustics, however, I found out during my testing that the performance is only on mediocre level. It is good indoors but if you add wind or a crowd noise, you get a sub-par performance out of the WH3.

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