Blog: High End Munich 2022 Show Report



Another company that offers great design and sound with their Lyberty and Brooklyn series.

Naim & Niimbus

I had to look hard but I found the Naim Uniti at the Focal room. The Niimbus was of course being shown by LakePeople/Violectric.


Coolest DAP of the show? Definitely!

Pathos and Phonitor

Two brands you year after year see at the show. The Phonitor is an excellent amp but I can’t remember where I spotted it. The Pathos amp was being used by Grado.

ProJect Audio

The turntable specialist from Vienna was showing many old and new models, including the new Metallica Turntable. Did you know they also offer DACs and headphone amps?


Spectacular design and even more impressive technology. An absolute top sound and one of my favorite brands at the show. RAAL was also showing their new circumaural headphone and I can tell you already, it’s sublime sounding.


I made a deal with the guys from RME. I took some pictures for them and in return we get to review and feature their gear on the site soon. Happy me.

Rosson Audio

I expected to see more from Rosson Audio at the show but was rather disappointed with just this. Maybe a new headphone soon?

Rupert Neve

I was so glad to find these at the show. Matty has been saying a lot of good things about their DAC & AMP, and he was oh so right. Love the design as well.

Sendy Audio & SIVGA

Sendy Audio and Sivga (sister brands) are getting popular fast and now they’re committed to reaching the European consumer as well. Sivga was also showing their brand new SV023, and it’s my favorite Sivga headphone so far. Review soon!


Like in 2019, Sennheiser wasn’t present at the show and we unfortunately see the number of Sennheiser headphones available for demo decreasing each year. I looked hard and found some though. Seeing an original and iconic 414 there was priceless though.


One of the brands our readers like a lot. Unfortunately their presence was rather limited at the show with an M500 and SU-6 / SH-6 stack.


Another disappointment for me personally. You would expect to see their new WM1ZM2 DAP at the show everywhere, but no. Nothing. Just this, which I have to admit, was pretty cool.

Spirit Torino

You either love or hate the brand’s design and sound, but they’re always super nice to talk to.


The Japanese STAX is always well represented at the show. And their gear is always worth a listen or 2, 3, 4. Even Astell&Kern brought a portable STAX setup.


T&A was presenting a new wireless headphone, but I did not get to listen to it this time.


I drive my KEF’s with the Technics SU-G700 amplifier, but I also really like their turntables. They also had a wireless headphone and a TWS IEM at the room, but it wasn’t available for a demo.


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Page 2: CustomArt to Hifi Rose

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