Blog: High End Munich 2023 Show Report – Part 1


Headphone Auditions Amsterdam

Not too long ago we visited this great store in Amsterdam. In Munich, HAA was showing their new amplifier they built together with Thrax Audio. It’s a high-end amplifier, built to be used with the SP3000 DAP from AK.

You connect it to the SP3000’s LO and use it to control the volume. This transportable amp (no battery inside) drives both the Susvara as well as the Abyss headphones without any issue. 


Nothing new from HEDD at the show. There were mostly showing monitors and their HEDDphone.

We had a very interesting talk with HEDD, but I can’t share ;ore info yet. All I can say is: keep an eye out for HEDD news over the next coming months.

Hifi Rose

Probably the most used streamers at the show.

But they also have other exciting products


Lots of new gear here with the mew Ananda, Sundara, EF600 and the wireless Svanar just to name a few.

Hifiman was also showing a new brand thy have just acquired. It’s named GoldenWave, and at the show they had the R2R serenade inside their booth.

The show report continues on the seventh page. Click here or use the jumps or Page indexes below.

Page 1: Abyss to Artistic Audio

Page 2: Audeze to Auris Audio

Page 3: Campfire Audio to Gustard Audio

Page 4: Dan Clark Audio to Erzetich

Page 5: Feliks Audio to Fostex

Page 6: Headphone Auditions Amsterdam to GoldenWave

Page 7: High-End Picture dump 

Page 8: Best of Show Award

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