Blog: High End Munich 2023 Show Report – Part 2


Another classic brand. EST headphones now are more popular than ever.


I listened to the T&A Solitaire P and that’s a nice one, unfortunately the same can’t be said about the Solitaire T.


Up to now we have only reviewed their Darling IEM. Should we cover more units from this brand? Let us know in the comments.


A brand which has been covered a lot on Headfonia, and they keep making new units all the time.


You either love or hate the Ultrasone brand and tuning. Whenever I see their headphones I can’t stop thinking of that video Tyll once did.

Violectric / LakePeople

It’s been a while since we covered the German brand, but it looks like they’ll be featured on Headfonia soon again.

I am still using the Niimbus US4+ all the time.

Did you know that this German company will release a headphone soon under the Seaside brand?

The show conditions weren’t ideal to listen to an open back headphone, but it could be something promising.

The show report continues on the seventh page. Click here or use the jumps or Page indexes below.

Page 1: Holo Audio to Letshuoer

Page 2: Lotoo to NF Audio

Page 3: oBravo to RME

Page 4: Rosson Audio to Sennheiser

Page 5: Shanling to SPL

Page 6: STAX to SeaSide

Page 7: VIVA to ZMF

Page 8: Best Design Award

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