Review: InEarz P450 ADEL – Heavy Hitter

Build Quality

The craftsmanship of this particular P450 is absolutely good. There’s no single obvious mistake or residue inside, apart from some tiny glue tracks which are used to stabilize the drivers. And even that is crafted perfectly so the inside looks supremely clean. I examined the shells very closely and even though there are tiny imperfections at the canal parts, it’s nowhere near a big deal.

In addition, I appreciate the craftsmanship of InEarz with this model even more. The Nirvana model has 8 drivers in a shell which has an identical size, so it’s packed quite tight inside. With the P450 there’s a lot of unused space inside with only 4 drivers. Therefore, it’s easier to see the imperfections inside with clear shells.  Yet, I haven’t found a problem regarding build quality.

Another important aspect here are the T2 connectors. InEarz switched to the T2 solution with their new partnership with Linum. That means we now have very rigid and durable connectors with InEarz monitors and that’s quite important in the long term. This is crucial especially for musicians on stage.

Linum T2 Connectors

This new T2 system includes IP67 certification too, which means it’s durable against sweat and humidity. On the mechanical side this again is a very thoughtful design against pulling forces, heavy usage, travel and other possible threats. It provides minimum socket wear, stability against external forces and of course it ensures the long life of your monitors, even if you remove and attach your cables over and over.

The connectors sit perfectly flush in the shell and the finish is perfect. It’s extremely clean and very well done. Plugging and removing the connectors is also quite easy to do and no extra force is needed. This is also good news for long-term usage.


The P450 is tuned primarily for drummers on stage, therefore there’s a full and emphasized bass presentation with a meaty sound overall. There’s also some amount of resemblance to their flagship, the Nirvana with its warmth and dense approach. Let’s dig deeper.


As you can obviously guess, this is the area that the P450 focuses on. The focal point of this monitor is the bass without any doubt. Lows have a great sense of depth and they have a very good range overall. The bass can go deep and it rumbles very ideally. The extension is nicely done and most important, the resolution of the bass notes is absolutely great.

This was expected. A drummer would want to hear his/her hits and kicks with good detail, so this area should be resolving and extended. That is the case with the P450. The monitor lays out a great bass presentation top to bottom, with excellent precision, control and speed with good impact.

InEarz P450

Lows are also very well balanced in terms of midbass and subbass. Both are quite present and equally emphasized. All in all, this is a resolving, detailed and extended bass presentation. However, you shouldn’t misunderstand this presentation. This is not a tuning for the sake of fun. It instead focuses on the detail, emphasis and resolution. Remember that it’s still a Balanced Armature bass and this is primarily for professionals.

But, if you’re an audiophile and want to hear your bass with great density, pace and control with good resolution, the P450 will give you exactly that.


Since bass is the focal point here, mids take half a step back with the P450 with good warmth and body. They give a very pleasant and easy going performance. There’s a slight amount of color in them but there’s a good timbre in this part just like the Nirvana. However this is not the most transparent or clear mid performance which is not a surprise.

Male vocals sound a little more upfront and full, but female vocals also sound very nice with a smooth and fatigue-free presentation. Sometimes, depending on the recording, the mid bass body creates a congested stage with thick vocals and instruments. This doesn’t happen very often and it also depends on the source.

The mid area is also quite forgiving with the P450. That should allow the listener to play some uneasy recordings without a problem. When I take the bass focus into consideration, this is actually a very nice mid presentation which is very smooth and musical.

InEarz P450


Highs are quite soft with good resolution and extension. But the extension side is not the best of InEarz, since the Nirvana is better in that regard with its great resolution and articulation. But the P450, on its own terms, provides a very smooth and soft treble presentation which is very comfortable to listen to.

Yet, the treble is the least focused area of the P450 and they usually cry from the very back of the stage. This is good or bad depending on your taste and your favorite genres, but the sure thing is it’s very smooth to listen to.

If you look at it from the coherency perspective, this is the most ideal presentation for this monitor. More accentuated treble would’ve resulted a conflicting response. In that sense, the P450’s treble is quite fitting and also I liked its soft and forgiving approach. If you’re sensitive to treble, this is a very pleasant experience.

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