Review: InEarz P450 ADEL – Heavy Hitter

Technical Performance

The P450’s strong suit is the texture and resolution of its bass, overall layering and smooth, unoffensive sound. Sound stage is quite round and relatively close to the listener. It’s a studio type of stage with good depth. The background blackness is nicely done. Instrument separation is good for this presentation on its own terms, but it’s not razor sharp.

However, the positioning is very very good with the P450, and that makes spotting everything very easy. So overall I find its stereo image quite successful. The timbre is also very nice, although there’s a little bit coloration in that department. The P450’s whole presentation is very consistent, free of fatigue, coherent and natural. It’s warm and slightly dark, but not without good technicalities.


vs. InEarz Nirvana: The Nirvana is also very very successful in bass department, so they share similarities but I think the P450 puts more technicality to that area so I give it a slight edge. They have similar mids with good warmth and body but the Nirvana is just a little better in that area. In treble the Nirvana has more extension and detail with better articulation.

vs. Pears SH3: The SH3 is a CIEM from another galaxy when compared to the P450 in terms of overall presentation. The Pears is flat, reference oriented with a highly resolving sound, whilst the P450 gives you a deep and rumbling bass with soft treble with a very warm approach altogether. Overall it’s all Pears from the technical standpoint, but you might like the P450’s soft and smooth sound with great bass.

vs. M-Fidelity SA50: If the SH3 is from another galaxy, the SA50 is from another universe. They just can’t be more different. The SA50 has a very subtle bass compared to P450, and it has a lower treble boost which makes the treble slightly aggressive. Also, it has much more treble quantity which can make you dizzy after listening to the P450. The SA50 is much more analytical, transparent and tonality wise it’s more reference, but again, the P450’s warmth and unoffensive nature can steal your heart.

vs. Warbler Prelude: The P450 obviously has a much better bass response with great range and extension, as well as resolution and texture. However most people know that the Prelude is a wonder in mids in terms of its nostalgic tone and timbre. I found some similarities on both; in terms of overall warmth laid back treble response. They also don’t have a wide sound stage, but the P450 clearly has the better depth in that area. I also find the P450 better regarding imaging and positioning.

InEarz P450


If you’re looking for a full bodied, warm IEM with a great bass response with technical achievement, the InEarz P450 is a great pick. The other frequencies aren’t as impressive in terms of technicalities, but they’re certainly enjoyable and coherent with the IEM’s overall signature.

I really liked this IEMs effortless, unoffensive and relaxed sound with an organic approach, which is a great presentation for long listening sessions. I also liked its timbre, which is a little bit colored but very enjoyable and pleasant.

And you have all of it in a perfectly crafted acrylic shell with great comfort and isolation. Not to mention the ADEL module which compensates the pneumatic pressure that applies to your ears.

Certainly recommended for the lovers of this kind of a sound.

InEarz P450

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