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Itsfit Lab Fusion

Build Quality



The build quality is excellent since these are 3D printed shells. As you probably know, more and more companies are adopting this new production method. What I’ve seen so far from different manufacturers is excellent and Itsfit Lab Fusion is no exception.

There’s no part that you can identify as a faceplate since it’s incredibly unibody. I don’t know how they placed all of the internals this way. The shells are also very lightweight, and they disappear in your ears. The shells also have recessed sockets which are quite deep. That ensures a stable and durable connection in the long run. That, of course, means that not every 2-pin cable is compatible.

The nozzles have a 3-bore design. 2 of them are very easy to clean but one of the bores is a bit too small. You can’t reach inside of it with the cleaning tool. So be careful about earwax build-up for that bore, which I believe is there for bass frequencies. There are also 3 ports in the outer part for the dynamic driver. This the first time I see 3 bass ports in an IEM. They may be there for easing the pressure for the ears, but Itsfit doesn’t have any claims for that.

Itsfit Lab Fusion


The fit is also excellent. Itsfit used my 3D impression files and thanks to that the fit is spot on. Also, the shells are very slim and compact. Despite the hybrid design, the Fusion looks like a typical Balanced Armature CIEM with its form factor. You can have a night of sleep with them because they don’t protrude from your ears. An incredible achievement to me because this is the first time I’ve ever experienced a CIEM this small with a dynamic bass driver inside.

The Fusion is also perfectly comfortable even for long periods. The nozzle parts are quite shorter than my other CIEMs and that almost always provides more comfort with custom models. There’s always a trade-off there between isolation & comfort though.

As a result, isolation is not the best among the CIEMs that I’ve experienced. That surely has something to with those 3 ports on the outer side. However, as usual with CIEMs, isolation is much much better than universal ones. So overall outside noise is not too much of an issue with the Itsfit Lab Fusion CIEM. It’s just not on the same level as the M-Fidelity SA50 for example. But the SA50 is a bit extreme in that regard with super long nozzles and silicone filling.

Itsfit Lab Fusion


The base price for the Itsfit Lab Fusion is $950. Is it expensive in this market? I would simply say; no. The market has already gone beyond our comprehension regarding flagship IEM prices. Nowadays if you want to have a great flagship, it starts at $1500 and even goes up to $3000 or more. Of course, there are still some choices that cost around $900 – $1000, and you can see them in our Best Custom IEMs list.

I think for what it gives in terms of pure sound quality which I’ll mention very shortly, the Fusion is worth the money. The package is satisfying, the build quality is excellent, the fit is wonderful and most importantly it has a great sound quality. Let’s talk about that latter topic now.


Right off the bat, the Itsfit Lab Fusion is one of the best IEMs I’ve ever heard. The way it reproduces the sound in an honest and balanced way is wonderful to hear. This is a very honest monitor. It does nothing to wow you actually (maybe apart from the bass control), but it does almost everything in the right way. I’m also very surprised to hear this kind of cohesiveness from a tri-hybrid monitor. It’s incredible.

Itsfit Lab Fusion

Itsfit Lab Fusion

When you first listen to it the Fusion sounds very “normal”. That’s why I remark that it does not wow you. It reveals itself after a while. I understand if it doesn’t impress people from the get-go. This is a monitor that needs time to show you what it is made of. The Fusion weighs on a flat character than being warm or being too bright. But if I have to pick one side, I can say it’s a bit on the brighter side with its treble presentation. But nothing is out of control. It is an exceptionally coherent monitor.

The review continues on PAGE 3 with more details on sound performance.


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  • Reply May 21, 2020


    Great review!! I got a custom Fusion a few months ago and they have become my favorites. I pick them up over my Zeus, Noble K10’s, and Katrina’s. The Fusions sound great with my Lootoo Touch Gold.

  • Reply May 22, 2020


    Wow!! it does’t look like an earphone. If someone sees it first time they will think it as an ornament.

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