JAYS t-Seven Review

JAYS t-Seven

Features & Stability

The t-Seven’s connection stability is excellent. I had no problems with it at all! I have never experienced a drop and they stay connected even through 2 concrete walls so they passed my test successfully. Jays did not specify what kind of chipset they used but the buds support Bluetooth 5.0 and SBC codec.

The earphones feature touch controls and they have one of the most sensitive touch controls I’ve ever experienced on a TWS. If you follow my reviews you already know that I am not that into touch controls as I find myself misclicking on them regularly, however, if you like touch controls, you will love t-Seven’s. You can control the IEMs seamlessly thanks to the fast touch interface they used. Via these sensors, you can increase or decrease the volume, accept or refuse calls, skip to the previous or next song, activate Android or iOS assistant and of course, play or pause tracks. You can also toggle the two modes available on the t-Seven.

Let’s talk about those two modes. The first one is Active Noise Cancelling mode. The t-Seven has an active noise canceling technology built-in and it is not too bad. As I mentioned in the Design section, ear tip selection is especially important here, as they both boost the ANC and provide passive isolation. The t-Seven’s ANC can block out my laptop’s fans (those are around 20-25dB). It is not the strongest ANC out there but it does its job okay. On another note, the ANC mode has no impact on sound quality and that’s good. The other mode is HearThrough mode. It works as intended and it is practical to use.

The t-Seven has a proximity sensor on the inner side of the IEMs. I personally love this feature as it is really practical and nice to have. The buds detect your ear automatically and resume or pause the playback accordingly. I am glad that Jays included it as it is more of a premium feature and we don’t see it often under 200 bucks.

The t-Sevens are built really well though there is no mention of an IP-rating anywhere so I think you should keep them away from water and moist. 

As for the battery life, Jays claim that the earphones offer 5 hours of continuous playback per charge. The case bumps this up to 20h and that is around the average of what we see on the market. I have used the IEMs for a week and I can say that the battery life they claim is accurate. It is also very practical to charge it via wireless pads. Note that you need Qi-Compatible pads to charge the case, which are quite common and can be found easily, online.

Latency-wise I was quite surprised. The t-Sevens are perfectly in sync with my Android YouTube app and I wanted to see how good it is while playing mobile games. In my experience, games have latency issues with many TWS earphones on the market. After testing it extensively, unfortunately, there was an discernable delay when it comes to games and therefore, if you are in the market for this reason only,  you may want to check other TWS earphones.

JAYS t-Seven

Call Quality

I want to start by saying that the headphones are quite successful in this matter. JAYS really found a way to master this feature and t-Seven stands as an excellent alternative to the Airpods Pro. It is also a hundred bucks cheaper which is impressive, to say the least. As I mentioned in the design chapter, the earphones utilize the rod-design and two high-quality microphones on each side. These microphones do a great job of capturing your voice and blocking chatter and environmental noise. During my one full week of commuting & getting things done, I have received a lot of calls and talked via t-Sevens quite often. People who called me did not believe that I was talking through a TWS. I often talk with my friends using TWS earphones and they have heard my voice countless times so they have come to the point where they can easily understand whether I am talking through a headset or not. t-Sevens surprised us all in this regard, in a good way and I am very happy about that.

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