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JAYS t-Seven


JAYS t-Seven has a warm signature with good low-end emphasis. This makes them quite fun to listen to. In my opinion, the t-Sevens do not have a strict V-shape curve, rather V-shaped in a more balanced manner. The mids are not as recessed as some of the TWS earphones on the market. The t-Sevens show good clarity and resolution for the price and they present the tracks smoothly. You won’t get tired of listening to these easily. I have listened to R&B, Pop & EDM genres with the earphones and found the reproduction successful in these genres.

The PRaT is good as well and it handles congestion well. t-Sevens have a deep but not so wide soundstage and that can upset some of you. The stage reminded me of a legacy IEM, Westone’s UM30. It had a similar deep but not so wide stage. The intimate stage should not be labeled immediately bad, especially if it is backed up by good technical properties. It is like listening to the band in a cafe rather than an auditorium. t-Sevens can actually convey music to your ears in a more romantic way than others. The feelings are not lost in the process like some of the analytic and dry-sounding TWS earphones on the market.

The low region of t-Sevens are powerful, rounded and this is where the excitement factor comes from. Midbass is prominent and that results in a fuller low-end reproduction. It makes you follow and focus on the lower notes and while doing that, it does not shadow the midrange. That is always great to hear. For example, when you listen to the track ‘’Father Ocean’’ by Monolink, it becomes impossible not to keep pace with your feet. That is a fine indicator of a successful low end in my book.

The midrange is only slightly recessed and the detail retrieval is good. Vocals have a bold and smooth presentation and there is no problem with the note weight. It does not sound thin or dry. Upper mids have good clarity and spark and they boost the overall clarity. They also contribute to the excitement factor. t-Sevens are quite well-tuned and you won’t hear sibilance, at all.
Now that you’re up to speed with most of the IEM’s sound signature, let’s get to the treble region. Treble is clear and detailed and it has a good attack for the price. It is tamed, just like the upper midrange, and this results in a non-fatiguing listening experience.

Don’t get me wrong though, it shows good detail and clarity compared to many TWS earphones in this price range. In fact, the treble region of the t-Seven is my favorite across the band spectrum. All of these properties make it a good all-rounder and it does not nit-pick recordings.

Quick Comparisons

vs. 1More Colorbuds (99 USD)

First thing that I noticed is the increased treble, upper mid presence. The t-Seven sounds more engaging and energetic compared to the Colorbuds. The Colorbuds offer a wider stage but I actually like the presentation of the t-Seven compared to the Colorbuds due to the fact that it sounds more organic and relaxed. Resolution-wise the t-Sevens are one step ahead and they have a much better treble reproduction. The t-Seven’s midrange is clearer and its instrument separation is superior compared to the Colorbuds.

vs. Tronsmart Apollo Bold (99 USD)

The Tronsmart’s review is in the queue, it is a V-shaped IEM with an elevated bass response. The Apollos have a bigger bass that and a more recessed midrange compared to the t-Sevens. Both of the earbuds have similar stage properties but the instrument separation of the t-Seven is better. Additionally, t-Seven’s PRaT is technically better than the Apollo Bold. It is faster, snappier and more energetic. If you’re a true bass-head and you care only about the bass quantity, go for the Bold. 

vs. Kinera YH623 (75 USD)

The Kinera YH623 TWS is another bass-head earphone and we covered it here. It is a bass monster and nothing else. It is also a fun earphone but compared to t-Seven, it falls short in pretty much every area except the bass quantity. 

Last Words

JAYS t-Seven was a nice surprise for me. It has a good sound quality for the price and it is one of the best TWS earphones in terms of microphone performance. The call quality is really good and you can easily take business calls with these. Many TWS earphones on the market come with good quality microphones and big claims but the majority of them fall short in terms of performance so it was really nice to see JAYS nailing this with their t-Series. Apart from that, the buds have an okay ANC system that adequately blocks some of the environmental noise. The build quality is amazing compared to the TWS IEMs in this price bracket and that is also another great thing about the t-Seven. Overall, the t-Seven is a strong competitor in its price range and deserves a chance, especially if you often take calls via true wireless earphones.

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