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5. Customer Service


At the moment the estimated lead time for a set of JH13V2 PRO is between 10 and 12 business day, from the time your impressions have arrived and the artwork was approved. JH Audio does offer a rush service at an additional cost.

My whole experience with the art work team and customer service has been exemplary. It all starts by filling out the form in the creator tool but that’s just a very small piece of the workflow set in place. JH Audio will make sure your buying process from the first order moment on the website to the final delivery of your set is professional and pleasing.

Jerry Harvey Audio has had the privilege to create IEMs for the biggest touring artists in the world. A very demanding industry, to say the least! We know that superior audio performance is only one piece of the puzzle when it comes to choosing a new In-Ear Monitor company and we pride ourselves on sustaining a level of customer service that is beyond reproach. We know that when it comes to being on stage at showtime or an escape during a long flight around the world, you need IEMs that you can depend on. When it comes to service, both before and after the sale, we treat our customers like one of the family!

Having experienced their CS first hand, I can only confirm the above statement. JH is simply a very professional company with a personal and personalized approach.  As expected from a company delivering gear to bands all over the world, JH also has a Repair Service.

Our skilled technicians evaluate your repair needs and work with you to ensure that your IEMs are working when you need them. Whether you stepped on one while dancing your heart out or your set is just in need of a deep cleaning to remove wax build-up, our goal is to return your IEMs to you better than before, and as quickly as possible.

6. Sound

Of course the description of the JH13V2 PRO’s sound completely depends on the quantity of bass you set. Set it to zero and you get a balanced, linear sound with a neutral tuning. That means a neutral amount of body, lighter bass with lower impact (yet good punch), thinner mids with more forward vocals and clear and energetic, extended treble.

The more you tune the bass up, the more body the monitor gets in both the bass as well as the mids region. Impact becomes bigger, rumble becomes bigger. Mids sound fuller, warmer and smoother and the layering and depth becomes more noticeable. The higher mids, vocals and treble section keep their characteristics, it’s just less obvious because of the added body and warmth.

Then next to that it depends what DAP you pair it up with, the WM1Z and L6PRO in example will add a little bass as well. The AK SP1000 will keep it very civilized, but more on that later.

According to Jerry Harvey the JH13V2 PRO’s sound can be described like this: Wide sound stage, good clarity and separation, deep bas extension. From classical to hip hop, the JH13V2 PRO is an all-rounder.

Of course Mr. Harvey is completely right and because of the bass module this monitor has the potential to do it all. It doesn’t matter if you’re listening to classical music, Hip-hop, trash metal or Reggaeton – there’s always a perfect setting for it. But even if you only listen to country music or German Schlagers, you can finetune the sound to your liking.

For me it depends what I’m using the monitor for but most of the time I use it when I want to relax, enjoy my music (without analysing gear) and dream away. In that context the ideal setting for me is with 75% bass gain. And that will be the criteria for the further description of the sound, the DAP used is the Luxury & Precision L6PRO.

More Sound

The JH13V2 PRO’s sound stage is really good both in width and depth and the spaciousness and airiness are perfect to my ears. The separation, extension, positioning and stereo image are exemplary. Speed and decay is top, the transients, clarity and dynamics impressive. I absolutely love every single bit of this monitor and I can easily see why this is the most popular model in the line-up.

Bass (depending on the setting) is full bodied and comes in with great impact when needed. Bass can reach down really low with good rumble. The level of detail, layering and speed simply is impressive. For me personally the maximum setting is a bit much but if you love big bass, you for sure will keep that setting for all your favorite tunes

The mids are musical, wide, deep and also have that excellent layering and detail retrieval the bass section has. The mids can become a little warmer and smoother and they can sound really romantic. Female vocals are sexy and natural (try some Melody Gardot) and the spaciousness is realistic and perfectly executed.

With its 4 drivers for highs, the JH13 sounds extended, spacious and clear in the treble region. The speed, detail, extension and layering are superb, the energy addictive. Treble never sounds harsh or sibilant, it’s spot on. With a little smoother delivery depending on the setting.

Bass, treble and mids perfectly connect to each other, it’s the perfect blend with the perfect timing. I have other monitors which score really good in this area, but the JH13V2 PRO is at a whole other level.

7. Comparisons

The source for this section is the Luxury & Precision L6 in balanced mode and the four 8-driver’s we’re comparing the JH13V2 PRO with are the Ultimate Ears LIVE, the Jomo Samba, the CustomArt Harmony Pro and the Westone ES80. For this comparison take into account that the bass (gain) on the JH is set to around 75%.

The Westone ES80 is a more neutrally tuned, lighter sounding monitor where the JH is fuller sounding with bigger body. The ES80 is more neutral, has a more extended upper end and it focuses more on the upper mids (vocals) and treble section. Personally I really like the way the ES80 does sound but it’s very different from the JH, even though the sound stage, separation and layering is equally good. The Westone is more about balance, neutrality and precision and compared to the JH it’s just only a very little smooth. Warmth here is directly present but it does make the ES80 sound more clean. These two are very different, that’s for sure.

The UE LIVE is a stage monitor and that means full bodied sound and a hefty delivery. Bass, mids and even treble are big and power here is more present than detail, layering and precision though the LIVE does score good here as well. The focus in the LIVE is on the bass and mid body and it makes the LIVE less refined and clean sounding compared to JH. Both have a warmer and smoother delivery in bass and mids but the tonality is just different. Both have excellent positioning and 3-dimensionality but he JH sounds more coherent than the LIVE and that is mostly because of the treble section which sounds more separated from the mids than in the JH13V2 PRO. The LIVE is specifically designed for stage use and it performs excellent in that regard, while the JH is a more do-it-all monitor.

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