Review: JH Audio JH13V2 PRO – For the love of Music

9. Amplification


There’s no real need to amp the JH13V2 PRO with its 116dB sensitivity and 28Ohms impedance, but as many of you keep asking for the synergy with the popular Chord gear, I’ll do just that.

With the Chord Mojo, fed by the Xduoo X10T II in single ended mode, you get a very fast, clean and clear sound with a neutral presentation. Bass is very tight and has a nifty punch. Bass goes down low when needed but the layering is the very best. The mids are clean, fast and precise and the voices are perfectly integrated into the more neutral presentation. The treble is very energetic and extended with great dynamics. With the Mojo you get a very specific sounding JH13V2 PRO but I am sure many will love this more digital presentation.

With the Chord Hugo 2 you get bigger body in bass and mids and you get a more natural analog type of music which to me suits the JH better. Bass goes low and has good layering. Mids are deep, spacious and layered. The delivery is smoother and very musical. Treble is soft, yet extended and dynamic with very good detail. I quite like the combo, but at the same time, it’s not that it sounds so much better than when going straight from a DAP.


Everyone likes, dislikes and prefers different things when listening to music, but for me – in the context of pure enjoyment – this is one of the best, if not THE best custom monitors in my 30+ collection. Without any options this monitor will set you back $1299 and that’s an incredible price/quality ratio. Who ever said anything about JH Audio being expensive?

As a result it comes as no surprise that this monitor goes straight to Headfonia’s best (custom) IEM list and it without doubt is a recommended buy if you’re in the market for a top quality monitor that will make you fall in love with all of your music again.

A big thank you goes out to Shawn, TJ, Andy and the whole (creative) team at JH Audio. Thank you for making (me) such an awesome monitor.


4.1/5 - (122 votes)


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